Fairy Names L

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Generally described as a fairy shoemaker, this creature is a red capped fellow who stays around pure springs and is known to haunt cellars. He spends his time drinking and smoking. One branch of the Leprechaun is known as the Fir Darrig, who is a practical joker; both are of the Solitary Fairies. Leprechauns have also been associated with the Earth-elemental Gnome, and when so done, is described as being a merry little fellow dressed all in green, instead of wearing a red cap, a leather apron, drab clothes and buckled shoes, and the boy, who has fairy blood in him, succeeds in winning a wealth of treasure from an underground cave, keeps his gain secret, and is the founder of a prosperous family. 

Li’l Fellas
Another Manx euphemistic name for The Good Neighbors. 

Little Folk
See Sleight Beggey. 

Little People of the Passamaquoddy Indians
There are two kinds of Little People among the Passamaquoddy Indians, the Nagumwa suck and Mekumwasuck. Both kinds are two and a half to three feet in height, and both are grotesquely ugly. The Passamaquoddy Indians, who lived close to the Canadian border, used to migrate to the ocean in the summer and move inland in the winter. When they moved, their fairies moved with them. The little People can only be seen by the Indians. They live in the woods and are fantastically and individually dressed. Their faces are covered with hair, which strikes an alien note to the Indians. Oral tradition has it that they were made of stone. 

The tribes that guard the blackthorn trees or sloes in Ireland; they let you cut no stick on the eleventh of November (the original November Day), or on the eleventh of May (the original May Day). 

Ly Erg
This faerie yearned to be a soldier. He dresses like one and cannot be distinguished from human soldiers except by his red stained hands, red from the blood he has shed.


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