Fairy Names O

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Fish headed beings from another world, these were considered to be sea gods by the ancient Chaldeans. Oannes lived among men by day, building the great Sumerian civilization and teaching art, science, and religion, while at night they returned to the Persian Gulf to swim in the ocean. 

A race of small, well formed people with the features of the Native Americans who live underground in North America. They use their magic to subdue the earth spirits who cause earthquakes. 

Old People, the
Another Cornish name for the fairies. 

Greek. Mountain and hill nymph, also grotto’s. The plural form is Oreades in Greek, usually seen as Oreads. The name is from the Greek for “mountain”, something like opos. An oread was usually known by the name of the mountain or hill on which she lived. Echo was an Oread nymph.


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