Astral Plane and other worlds of spirit

The spirit realms are generally described as dimensions or planes distinguishable by the different densities and vibratory rates (or frequencies) of the substances they contain, and the various dimensions are said to interpenetrate, existing in the same space. Different people have divided these infinite realms into different numbers of vibratory regions (often seven, nine or twelve), and various names have been used by different people to differentiate among these regions. For most of us living in the physical world and preoccupied by its material comforts, those are heady concepts. So it may be easier to visualize the spiritual planes aligned concentrically. 

The physical plane ( the world around us, our conscious reality) is composed of comparatively dense, slowly vibrating matter. 

The astral planes are generally divided into the lower, middle, and higher, although each division actually contains many, many divisions of varying vibratory rates. After we have shed our physical body, most of us reportedly "wake up" in our astral body living in the specific astral plane in which substance is vibrating at the same rate as the substance of our astral body. This is sometimes called our home frequency. 

During our lives on Earth and beyond we determine our vibratory rate by out thoughts, attitudes and spiritual understanding. Fear and resentment produce low vibrations, while love produces very high vibrations, while orthodox closed - mindedness (whether religious, scientific or political) produces low vibrations. Attachments to worldly things creates low vibrations, while calm detachment in the Eastern tradition produces high vibrations. 

The lower astral planes are described as a dark, dismal world reminiscent of the Christian purgatory or hell. Some people of low vibration thoughts and attitudes, after dying, are pulled toward and trapped near the physical plane in a state of confusion. There being no gravity nor sense of time nor space in the worlds of spirit, they might reside here for years or for centuries of Earth time, not even aware that they have died, yet totally bewildered, creating problems of Earth in many ways. Some 20-30 percent of people go here when they die. 

The middle astral planes are a pleasant realm where 60-70 percent of us wake up to be rehabilitated after our earthly education in "school of head knocks." 

The higher astral planes are a wonderful realm called Heaven by Christians, the Summerland by spiritualists. About ten percent if us will wind up here after we die. 

The mental causal planes are a realm of divine inspiration free of earthly desires and conflict. The beings in these dissensions cause many of the artistic and technical breakthroughs on Earth by sending silent messages to its inhabitants.
The celestial planes, beyond the comprehension of most people, are said to be the home of the Christian God, the Buddha, and other great beings.
The Mid-Astral Planes
We'll focus now on the mid-Astral planes because that is where the most of us will go after we die and because it is from that region that all ITC images and messages are sent to Earth. This pleasant realm is a buffer zone between Heaven and Earth, a place for worn-out souls fresh out of the school of hard knocks here on Earth to rest and recuperate before moving on toward higher spiritual realities. 

The astral planes are much like Earth, though more mental, less physical. In the spirit worlds thoughts create reality, so as thousands of people leave Earth and enter the astral planes, the worlds in those subtler planes take on an Earth-like appearance. Researchers in many countries report messages from "the other side" describing concert halls, museums, hospitals, schools and homes much like those on Earth -- but often much more magnificent -- all set in landscapes of trees, flowers, mountains, meadows and rivers that. again, are like the landscapes here but much more lovely and breathtaking.
While the ultimate destiny of every soul lies in the "higher" or subtler planes in and beyond the celestial frequencies, a typical lifetime on Earth as a non-spiritual or moderately spiritual person drags our soul down to low frequencies. After we die, our Earth soul would feel as out of place in the higher realms as the proverbial bull in a china shop. The astral planes provide a buffer zone between a dense Earth plane rife with deception, fear and violence, and the higher, subtle realms of pure love, Light and wisdom. The astral planes provide very pleasant surroundings for resting up before moving on. 

Not everyone moves on right away, however. Some departed souls like the astral planes so well that they choose to stay for centuries. Others reportedly return to Earth for one reason or another to experience another lifetime in a new body. 

It has long been known that a new arrival in the spirit worlds, after a life on Earth with a typical western spiritual education, is initially lost and bewildered by the almost unimaginable series of new and strange experiences. Often there is an overriding sadness regarding the loved ones left behind such grief is completely natural -- on both sides of the veil -- but the new arrival must get on with the business of starting a new life. Excessive and prolonged grief by family members presents a tie that tends to hinder the new arrival from concentrating on the job of starting a whole new life. It literally pulls the spirit of the newly deceased into low frequencies near the Earth and holds it there.
Life can be quite varied, depending on where in the spirit worlds one winds up. Here are a few scenarios by those who have made the transition and reported back through ITC equipment in Luxembourg: 

Here in the mid-Astral planes there are a great variety of people-in-spirit. Some still sit around the campfire as they used to do in their (primitive) earth life. Others meet in modern halls of congress surrounded by technical equipment. They give lectures about life after physical death. Still others do not even know that they have died. 

Some residents have been living for over a century. Some live in castles, fortresses or beautiful mansions, others in tents or teepees - whatever makes them comfortable.
New arrivals have the opportunity to get to know people-in-spirit of all ages of human history and to meet unfamiliar, intelligent beings of non earthly origin. How readily a newcomer can accept the many new and unusual things, is one factor, determining how quickly he or she may move on to the subtler dimensions. 

There is no real need to eat, as we breathe in our nourishment. The astral body absorbs everything it needs for its health and well-being from its surroundings. There is no need for sex, of course, as there is no pregnancy in spirit. Still, sex as well as eating can be enjoyed in the astral planes by those who made it a major part of their lives while on Earth. Eventually there will be more important things to do.
Astral worlds are typically clean, pure and well organized. All planets are inhabited and have ample lakes, rivers, and oceans. There are no pests or predators. Climate is always spring like with occasional precipitation in the form of glowing snowflakes or multicolored, shiny raindrops.
Worlds in the middle astral planes are shared by new arrivals from Earth, goblins, animals, fish, nature spirits, giants and spirit beings. The environment glistens. 

New arrivals are usually drawn to an astral family of people with whom they are compatible spiritually - and mentally. Adults can materialize babies using their willpower to bring shape to condensed living forms provided by higher beings for that purpose.
In the astral planes we suddenly find ourselves without the physical body that needs to be fed, clothed, sheltered, exercised and rested everyday with several hours of sleep. Suddenly we have true freedom. The astral body is impervious to temperature and wind. When the body is cut or hurt it is healed instantly at will. 

The Home Of Time stream
The Time Stream sending station is located on a planet called Marduk with three suns, so it is never completely dark. It orbits one sun and receives light from two other nearby stars. Time Stream sits alongside the River of Eternity, the only river on the planet. The River of Eternity flows 100 million kilometers across the entire planet the deepest spot in the river being 17,000 meters, the widest spot 3,700 meters. 

Also along the River are comfortably furnished houses. Children arriving on the astral planes are nurtured by loved ones who already live there. The children grow and develop to age 25-30. Residents come from several planets and include gnomes, giants, dwarfs. About 60 billion humanoids live there. There are animal species unknown on Earth, including brightly colored birds and butterflies. The temperature is very mild People arrive there with the same psychological and emotional nature they had when they died, although shortcomings and imbalances can be overcome through rapid learning.
The planet with its Riverine communities was created by human minds, yet is as much a reality to its spiritual residents as our Earth is to us. Vegetation ranges from microscopic algae to giant trees. Many buildings are made of wood. 

Inhabitants of the mid-Astral planes are assisted by higher beings in creating landscapes they are familiar with. While this reality may seem a bit "fabricated" to us, Swejen Salter is quick to point out that everything in the astral planes can be seen and touched by people in astral bodies, just as physical things are fully experienced in our material world. Also, Eastern mystics have pointed out for centuries that the "solid" world of our day-to-day reality is completely "fabricated" and illusory as well. The only true reality is in the godhead, cosmic Source, according to the masters of all time-proven religions. 

Moving on up
As people move upward (or inward) from the middle to the higher planes. their astral bodies become lighter, subtler, and of higher-frequency substance. When they reach the rapid vibrations of the mental-causal planes, their astral bodies disappear. The mental body is not really a body at all and can be described as a glowing mass of energy. Some people who advance into the mental-causal planes lose their interest in the affairs of Earth and move onto bigger realities. Other people return frequently to the astral planes, donning astral bodies as they descend, so that they can be involved in earthly projects such as ITC.

Instrumental TransCommunation (ITC)
The aim of instrumental transcommunication (ITC) is to link us on Earth with higher beings in such a way that we receive information from these enlightened beings. This is not an easy feat because of the difference between their world and ours...between their subtle mind-bodies and our physical mind-bodies.
During ITC communications there is far less guesswork. The recipient must be ready mentally and spiritually to receive information on his or her television, computer and other electronic devices, and then the information will be 80-100 percent pure, consistently, when received on Earth. In other words, with ITC either the information received from the spirit worlds is reasonably pure, or else there is no information received at all.
The obvious advantage of ITC is its reliability once the information starts coming across. The drawback is that it takes a high degree of spiritual and psychic development to get the average person "ready" to be a good recipient.
Today there are hundreds of spirit beings working with TimeStream both to help people become spiritually ready for ITC work and to help send images and messages to Earthside experimenters once they are ready. 
Marc Macy


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