Location - Top of the Head
Color - Violet
Stones - Amethyst
Healing/Health - Nerves, Stress, Confusion, Neursis, Bones, Insomnia
Gland - Pineal
Organ - Uper brain, Right Eye
Type of Energy - Spiritual Will, Synthetic, Dynamic
Attribute – Inspiration 

Location - Brow
Color - Indigo
Stones - Sodalite, Lapis Lazuli, Flourite
Healing/Health - Coagulant, Sinuses, Headaches, Stroke
Gland - Pituitary
Organ - Lower Brain, Left Eye, Nose, Nervous System
Type of Energy - Soul Force, Love, Magnetic, Light, Intuition, Vision
Attribute - Clairvoyance, Spirituality 

Location - Back of the Neck
Color - Blue
Stone - Turquoise
Healing/Health - Throat, Fevers, Asthma, Lungs, Thyroid, Antiseptic, Stimulation
Gland - Thyroid
Organ - Breathing, Ailmentary Canal
Type of Energy - Creative, Sound, Self-Consciousness
Attribute - Cooling, Relaxing 

Location - Chest
Color - Green
Stones - Rose Quartz, Malachite
Healing/Health - Heart, Lungs, Ulcers, Hypertension, Blood, Circulation
Gland - Thymus
Organ - Heart, Circulatory System, Blood, Vagus Nerve
Type of Energy - Life Force, Group Conscious
Attribute - Love, Healing, Balance, Akashic Memory 

Location - Just above the Navel
Color - Yellow
Stone - Citrine
Healing/Health - Digestion, Constipation, Headaches, Adrenals
Gland - Pancreas
Organ - Stomach, Liver, Gallbladder, Nervous System
Type of Energy - Astral, Emotional, Desire, Touch
Attribute - Inspiration, Intellect, Wisdom, Psychism 

Location - Lumbar, Belly, Womb Area
Color - Orange
Stone - Carnelian
Healing/Health - Muscles, Reproduction, Detoxifying, Emotional Balance, Sexuality
Gland - Gonads
Organ - Sex Organs, Digestive Tract
Type of Energy - Life Force, Physical, Vital, Animal
Attribute - Creativity, Reserve Energy, Sexual 

Location - Base of Time
Color - Red
Stone - Smokey Quartz
Healing/Health - Circulation, Low Blood Pressure, Colds, Shock
Gland - Adrenals
Organ - Kidneys, Spinal Column
Type of Energy - Will, Universal Life, Kundalini
Attribute - Vitality, Kundalini, Life Force


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