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Candle Information
The following information is about candles, the different colours used in the craft along with how to anoint them and use them in your rituals.
Your candle doesn't have to be a particular size or shape. Always try and use the correct candle colour for the spell or ritual you want to do. You can carve into your candle with a small knife or a pin.

Always use a new candle for your individual spells or rituals and always charge the candle for your intension (see further down) You will want to burn your candle all the way down, if you need to extinguish your candle and come back to it later and relight it that is fine providing it is only used for that particular spell. Some people believe if you blow your candle out it releases the intention so if you want use a candle snuffer or pinch out the flame with wet fingers or you can clap over the top of the flame to allow it to go out.

Always remember safety when using candles
Never leave a burning candle around small children and never leave un attended. Make sure the surface you are using is suitable for your candle by using a candle holder or your cauldron or a glass jar. Keep away from curtains and soft furnishings. I want you to enjoy Wiccan not cause a major incident!

Please find below information on using candles along with their magickal correspondances, how to anoint your candles and much more.

Candle Magick
Candles have been used as a Witches tool for centuries and used a lot for ritual purposes. They are often symbolic of spirit or energy, and they can represent all of the five elements. Candles can be used as a focus device in meditation, or to set a gentler mood in a room. Remember your birthday cake candles? They were lit and you made a wish and then blown them out, well you participated in the most popular candle ritual in the world and subconsciously you were performing candle magick. By setting the proper atmosphere, candles are used to help increase a spell's power, or to influence a particular power. Candles absorb one's personal energy and release this energy when burned Candle colour is very important when performing magick, for each colour produces a particular vibration and attracts certain influences. The following lists below are meant to be used as a guide in choosing a candle colour for your personal use. Please remember that colour is another ‘tool’ and you need to choose what works best for you in your magickal workings. If you do not have the colour mentioned for your particular need, spell or ritual you can replace that colour with a white candle.

The candles you use should ideally be ones you yourself make out of beeswax, using natural dyes and essential oils, if desired. Beeswax sheets are available at most craft stores, and are a fast and easy way to make your own candles at home. Realizing this is not always possible, you may use what is readily available to you. There are plenty of websites and craft stores where you can purchase your candles in a wonderful array of colours ~ you will find lots of candles on this website! Prior to using any candle in your workings you should cleanse the candle and anoint it with a small amount of oil during the waxing phase of the moon. This consecrates the candle and charges it with magickal energy. You can also carve or paint appropriate magickal symbols onto your candles, to further empower the candles with those energies. The heated tip of your athame works well for this purpose. It is best to use one candle per ritual or spell, and to not use a candle that has been used previously for another purpose. It is also best to allow the candle to burn out by itself, as blowing it out may disperse the energy contained within. If that is not possible as sometimes we have something unexpected come up just when we have planned a nice quite time in and it simply would not be safe to leave your candle burning alone, then you may use a snuffer to put the candle out ~ never leave an unattended candle burning on it’s own and always keep candles well out of the reach of small children and animals.

I have two cats and one of them just loves to ‘get involved’ in my rituals! You can bet as soon as I place my candle in a ‘safe spot’ he will be sure to jump up to check it all out! These days I have to ‘ban’ him from the room whenever I am using candle magick!

Important pointers on choosing a candle:

1. Choose a plain candle, of uniform shape. Having unusual or large candles can
be distracting and is therefore not suitable for magickal use.
2. Candles used for magick should always be Virgin (unused) at the start of the
ritual. Using second-hand candles or other materials in magick can have
disastrous effects as they might have picked up vibrations from previous
use, even if it was just on a dinner table!
3. It is a very good idea to make your own candles if they are for magickal
use. It will increase the magickal potency of the candle many times.
4. It is very easy to make your own candles, simply heat the wax until liquid
and pour it into a mould, which is treaded with a wick. The wax should now
be left to cool, after which the mould can be removed. Oils and colours can
be added to the Wax for extra effects.

Charge your candle before using it in ritual.
This can be done by anointing it with oils associated with the ritual or magick you intend on performing, or by simply touching it and charging it with your own energy.

Whilst charging the candle, visualise the North and South Poles - rub the oil into the candle starting at either the North or South end and always brush in the same direction. The oils used in anointing your candle should where possible always be natural fragrances.

Charging and Anointing your candles
In candle spells you need to charge and anoint your candles first, basically you are empowering it ~ directing your power into the candle this is very important otherwise all you have is a normal candle burning with no energy or power.

Your candle must be a virgin candle and never been used before this is also important because used candles will still carry the energy from any previous work. Take the candle of your choice with the right colour for your intensions for the spell you wish to use.

To charge your candle hold it in your power hand this is either your right or left hand depending if your left handed or right handed.
Breath deeply and visualize your goal you make speak out loud if you wish or just visualize your intentions. Place the candle in the holder when you feel ready and then use a match above the candle and allow the flame to draw down to the wick. Stay with the candle for a few moments while still visualizing your intentions.

You may also carve your candle with your intent as well be specific about what you want when you write on the candle and be careful what you wish for ~ you just might get it!

Next dress or anoint your candle with a magickal oil that represents your intent ~ (see oils and information on the link left). Hold the candle so that one end faces you and start applying the oil to the candle from the middle and move your hand toward you. Then turn the candle around and coat the other half by moving your hand towards you once again. By coming toward yourself this is asking for something to come to you, if you are doing a spell for something to go away then you would coat the candle by moving your hand away from you.

You may also load your candle with herbs to do this hollow out a hole in the bottom of the candle, mix your herbs with some essential oil and fill the hole with the mixture, concentrate on your intent while your working then seal the hole with wax, your candle is ready to work with. When the candle burns down to the herbs they will ignite and 'blast' your spell to its destination.
Be careful when using a candle this way so that is doesn't cause any problems or start a fire the herbs can flare up quite a lot so make sure where you have the candle it is safe for you to use herbs on it in this way ~ never leave a candle un attended and always make sure it is safe and that you are safe, by following the safety you and your magic can be sure of no problems and you can enjoy your magickal work.

Using oil and herbs on your candles
The Up OR Down Technique

The UP technique is used to DRAW something to you. Taking the oil or perfume on your index finger, you move from the base of the candle to the wick, rotating the candle until it is completely covered in oil.

Dress the candle DOWNWARD when you want to remove something
The Middle and Out Technique
A lot of Spiritualists believe you should begin dressing a candle in the middle, working UPWARD at first, until the entire top half of the candle is anointed and then go from the middle again DOWNWARD to the base of the light. In this way your prayer is sent from the “heart” of the candle into the Universe.
Witches’ Triangle Method

This is one of the old methods you begin by dressing the “front” of the candle at the base - moving from left to right. Then move up the candle to the top on the right side—visualizing one side of a triangle. This should be done in one stroke. Go back down to the bottom and “pick up” your line at the base on the left side and move Upwards again— completing the triangle. Now turn the candle over and repeat on the “back” side.

Twisting Method
Apply a fair amount of oil to the palms of your hands and then rub your hands together visualizing the target of the candle. Pick up the candle and begin twisting the oil into it - using a motion like that used to wring water out of a towel. Move from the middle outward until the entire candle is covered in oil. You may need to add more oil to your hands to get good solid coverage. During this process, talk to your target and command them to do as you desire.

Applying Herbs
After you have oiled your candle, you can apply herbs to it. It is good to do so at this point if you decide to. Simply pour your herbs into a plate and then roll the candle in them.

How to carve your candle
The first step in preparing a candle is marking it. Marking involves inscribing the candle with real or symbolic instructions of its spiritual intention. You might carve the candle with the name of the target you are working on, or inscribe sacred symbols of Spirits, planets or Elementals to boost its power.

Ideally, you will begin working on your candle at your altar. I recommend you have altar candles lit and a spiritual incense burning. Remember, the energy you put into preparing the candle is just as important, if not more so, than when you are burning it. If you are going to do the job- just do it!

A candle can be carved with something as simple as a toothpick, ice pick or knife. However be creative in your work. I know many who carve love or sex candles with a rose thorn. Many use a rusty nail or broken glass to carve candles for crossing or revenge.

Where you are working on a specific person, you should carve the name of that person into the candle. Just as in the application of spiritual oils to a candle , there are a variety of methods you might choose from. Remember to begin with clean and dried candles.

The rule of thumb is to carve the name in the same manner in which you apply your oils.

So, if you are trying to draw someone, you carve their name from the bottom of the candle to the top.

If you are trying to get rid of someone, carve their name from the top to the bottom.

If you need to control, compel or otherwise manipulate a person, the name is carved in a twisting manner - much like the lines on a barber pole or candy cane. For this type work, the target's name should be carved a number of times which is appropriate

Male and female image candles, skull candles, pullout candles, jumbo candles, offertory candles, the mummy or witch candle, and praying hands candle are designed for work on an individual. So, one person's name should be on each candle.
If you are working multiple persons, each one should have their own candle. The Lovers and Marriage candles are designed to work on a pair of folks. The man's name should be carved into the male image of the candle and the woman on the woman's image. If you are working the number nine, each name is carved nine times - not nine times all together.

A balance of all colours. Symbolizes peace, purity, innocence and power of a higher nature. Promotes peace, tranquillity, purification; truth, spirituality, and sincerity. Also used for meditation, truth seeking, spiritual enlightenment, summoning spirit guides, astral travel, and to enhance psychic abilities. Can be as protective as black and may be substituted for any colour candle. Healing properties include treating broken bones, relieving dental pain and increasing milk production in nursing mothers. White is also a Goddess symbol.

A stimulating and uplifting colour that is the colour of creativity; intelligence, confidence; movement and energy. Connects to clairvoyance, divination, wisdom, learning; imagination, and inspiration as well as the power of concentration and communication. Used in healing skin conditions as well as stomach complaints and menstrual cramps. Yellow symbolizes the element of Air.

Is a stimulating and energizing colour. It connects to attraction, stimulation, control, personal strength, authority, and power. Also encouragement, adaptability, luck, and sudden changes. It attracts the characteristics wanted from other tools, spells and rituals. Very good for healing coughs, colds and asthma as well as arthritis and exhaustion.

Colour that promotes understanding and attracts the powers of cosmic influences; intuition, persuasion, charm and confidence. Beneficial in rituals intended to bring about fast luck or financial benefits, or in rituals honouring solar deities.

A positive colour symbolic of emotional love, nurturing relationships and romance. Promotes spiritual awakening, healing of the spirit, femininity, friendships, honor and morality. It is the standard colour of rituals to draw affections and brings friendly, lively conversation to the dinner table. Excellent for treating anxiety and depression, as well as ailments of the heart.

The fiery, invigorating colour of energy and life. Always connected to blood, birth and death; and sex. Connects with love, passion, fertility, physical energy and strength. Increases magnetism in rituals and is used in defensive magick. Also emotes courage and enthusiasm. Good in health, strength and vigour spells and defensive magick. Used in healing neuralgias and exhaustion. Red symbolizes the element of Fire as well as being a God Symbol.

Vibrating colour that is highly spiritual and traditionally connected to mysticism, inspiration, wisdom, idealism, purification; success, peace; and power. Aids in meditation, sensitivity and higher psychic talents; as well as connecting to idealism, ambition, power, success and household protection. Healing properties include the treatment of allergies, sleep disorders and stress-related disorders.

A combination of red and violet that is a very high vibration frequency that tends to work fast. This colour energizes rituals where immediate action and high levels of power or spiritual healing are required, such as quick changes, exorcism or spiritual healing.

An earthy, balanced colour, used to attract money and financial success. It aids in emotional stability and balance, eliminates indecisiveness, improves powers of concentration, study, intuition, and telepathy. Also connects also to finding lost objects. Aids in the protection of familiars and household pets as well as animal healing.

A vitalizing colour of inertia; used to cleanse the spirit and remove fear. Used in rituals that require a deep meditative state, to neutralize another's magick, or to counteract negative energy. Healing properties include dementia, depression, and mental disorders.

A cool colour that soothes and relaxes. Blue is a primary spiritual colour, used in rituals to obtain wisdom, tranquillity, harmony, peace, inner light and truth. Connects to inspiration, occult power, protection, understanding, good health, patience and loyalty. Aids in meditation as it connects to intellect and mind. Promotes happiness, laughter and joviality. Used in treating insomnia, high blood pressure, and minor wounds. Blue symbolizes the element of Water.

The colour that connects to nature, fertility, and rejuvenation. Stimulates work involving financial issues and money; aids good fortune, prosperity, luck; ambition and success. Bringer of love and renewal, it is an emotional soother and balancer, used to counteract greed and jealousy. A good colour for treating headaches, colds and nervousness. Green is the colour of the Earth element and is a Goddess Symbol.

Neutral colour that removes negative energy or influences and encourages stability. Useful when pondering complex issues during meditation and in magic, this colour often sparks confusion; it also negates or neutralizes when needed. Helps develop psychic abilities and attracts the influence of the Goddess.

Burned for positive purposes, this colour opens up the deeper levels of the unconscious. Black is used in rituals to induce a deep meditational state and is good for banishing evil or negativity. Connects to self control, quiet power, and resilience, as it absorbs negativity and destroys it; offers strength and support in spells; protects from retribution and is also an aid during loss.


Samhain: Black, orange

Yule: Red, green & white

Imbolc : Red, pink and brown.

Ostara : Green, yellow gold

Beltane: Dark green

Litha: Green, blue

Lughnasadh: Yellow, orange

Mabon: Orange, brown & yellow


Aquarius (January 20 - February 18) Light Blue or Pale Yellow

Pisces (February 19 - March 20) Aquamarine

Aries (March 21 - April 19) Red

Taurus (April 20 - May 20) Green

Gemini (May 21 - June 21) Yellow or Orange

Cancer (June 22 - July 22) White or Dark Green

Leo (July 23 - August 22) Gold or Yellow

Virgo (August 23 - September 22) Grey or Marbled

Libra (September 23 - October 22) Royal Blue

Scorpio (October 23 - November 21) Black or Red

Sagittarius (Nov. 22 - December 21) Dark Blue or Purple
Capricorn (Dec. 22 - Jan. 19) Black or Dark Brown

Signs from candles
Candles can ‘tell’ you what will or what is happening by the way that they burn. It can tell how the request is going, being received, will turn out, and how hard it is to achieve.

If your candle goes out, it may be telling you to try again on another night when you can concentrate a little more. Do not use the same candle again. Dispose of it.

The same is true if the candle breaks or is broken. Try again but do not use the same one again.

Black soot can mean that negativity or barriers are burning away.

If the flame is very high or hot the power that you are calling forth is moving to manifest your desire. Although you may wish to take extra care this is actually a good indication that what you desire will come true.

If the flame is weak this could mean that the subject is loosing the battle. This can also show that you are facing strong opposition and your magick may have to be repeated to be achieved.

If the candle burns very slowly or almost goes out the task may require a slow and careful process. There could be numerous obstacles to overcome and the candle is labouring with all its might. It may also be indicating that you need to reassess the way you are thinking about your request.

If the flame flickers perhaps there is some vacillation in the progress or even in your own mind.

If the candle burns out very quickly the task could have needed fast energy. It could have consumed the offered energy as rapidly as it was manufactured. On the other hand, it could have burnt quickly because the goal was straightforward and easy.

If the flame jumps repeatedly this can indicate bursts of energy being transmitted. Raw emotions or chaotic energies could be at work or perhaps even an argument could be taking place about your desire.

If your flame is composed of various colours, the salamander is communicating with respect to the colour codes. What this means is that the energies being produced are so strong that the corresponding color on the spectrum is manifesting in the flame.

At times you will hear crackling sounds as the candles are burning. This is taken to indicate that the elemental spirit is pleading your case. The stronger the crackling sound, the stronger the opposition is against you.

Movement of smoke:
If the smoke wafts towards you, then your prayer is acknowledged.

If the smoke blows in the direction away from you, it is a definite sign that you still need perseverance in order to obtain your desire. If the smoke turns toward your right, then you will need to use a bit of patience, success will come through using your head. If the smoke blows toward your left, then you are becoming too emotionally involved with the situation you are praying for and in danger of subconsciously sabotaging your own prayer so that it will not be answered.

Northern Movement - Something physical is manifesting. You will have to work for what you wish to achieve. Eastern Movement - Something mental is manifesting. Think things threw and have patience in situations. Southern Movement - Something intense and short-lived is manifesting. Success comes rapidly and with intensity. Western Movement - The manifestation of strong Magic intervention. The issue is too emotional. You are too involved - step away for a time. Clear your thoughts.

Holders or Glass:
If the glass breaks, it can indicate, depending on the situation, that someone is working against you because the pressure is on. On the other hand, if the work you are doing is an uncrossing or jinx removing and the glass breaks, then the evil that is against you is broken.

If the glass containing the candle remains clear as it burns, your prayer will be granted in spite of any opposition.

If the glass begins to turn black at the top but is clearing up on the bottom, it is a sign that you have someone working against you. The darker it turns, the stronger the opposition. This does not mean your prayer will not be answered. Don't jinx yourself with negative thinking here; your prayer can still be answered with perseverance.
If the glass burns black all the way down to the bottom, you have some serious obstacles blocking your prayer from coming into reality. You need to do some uncrossing lights on yourself, and take some spiritual baths to remove negativity and the jinxed condition. You are a victim of black magick.

Different types of candles and their uses

Beeswax and Blended

Beeswax candles are easily available but are costly. 100% Beeswax candles have a warm golden colour and smooth, sweet natural fragrance. Beeswax candles are among the most expensive, but worth the price if you enjoy their special warmth. They are available in many styles and sizes, from rolled 'honeycomb' sheets to huge cathedral candles. Some colours are available, especially in the rolled style candles. A less expensive option is a beeswax blend candle, the most common being 51% beeswax and 49% stearine or other material. These candles are whiter than 100%       beeswax and more economical, but still have some of the same pleasing aroma as their more costly ‘friends’.

Regular Candles/pillar candles
Plain, straight round candles come in many sizes, which affect their burning time. These include: "minis" which burn a few hours; small votives types which burn 10 hours; jumbos which burn 15 hours; seven day (and even 14 day!) candles which burn for more than an entire week.
For everyday use I prefer using pillar candles as they come in a good range of colours and last well. This is especially useful for longer spells, with a burn time of up to 12 hours the quality and last long enough which is essential for the spell to work.

Cat Candles
Burned to reverse bad luck.

Chakra Candles
are useful for working with a holistic approach to our bodies, considering the opening and cleansing of all the chakras.

Cross / Crucifix Candles
Used as altar candles they cleanse the atmospheres and attract positive spirits from which you will receive aid.

Dinner Tapers
these slightly tapered candles are readily available in many colours and lengths. They are generally made of an oil-based wax and start with a white or uncoloured core so basically they are white underneath the colour so not solid coloured candles and they are inexpensive to buy

Household Candles
small and inexpensive straight-sided candles, 4-6 inches long. Colours are solid, but limited range available. White is the most common and least expensive.

Seven-Knob (Or Wishing) Candles
Burn an entire candle for a wish, one knob each day for a week. Write your wish down on a piece of parchment paper and place it below the candle before starting your ritual.

Image Candles
Candles in the shape of male or female. Act as an aid in the visualization process to associate the candle with the person toward whom the spell is directed and are good for love spells, choose your shape in your favourite colour and your desired mates representation in white.

Devil Candles
Burned to exorcise or release negative holds on individuals. As the candle burns, so does the evil in life disperse.

Skull Candles
Generally used for revenge, to break hexes & reverse adverse circumstances, and to banish death. The symbolism is that, as the "face of death" burns away, the practitioners will grow stronger.

Reversible Action Candles
Red candles coated on the outside with a layer of black wax. Burned to dispel evil influences and to send them back from wherever they came.

Traditional Candles
these candles are similar to dinner tapers, but have straight sides and a fluted base. Nearly as common as dinner tapers, but slightly more expensive. Colours are generally solid to the wick.

Votive, food warmer or tea lights
these small, oil-based candles must be burned in a container, as they liquefy when burning. They come in several sizes, from a 3-hour burning time to a 15-hour. White candles will remain the least expensive, with many colours and fragrances available. These are generally inexpensive candles, and can be used for many different purposes.

Speciality type candles

Double Action ‘Jumbo’ Candles Two-layer candles
symbolic of the good and evil forces of life. Burned in two ways at once - to draw beneficial energy and favourable circumstances, and to disperse harmful energy exerting a negative influence.

Novena or 7 Day Candle
A 9" tall, glass encased candle which burns for approximately 7 days. They are generally given very particular purposes, according to the designs and symbols on the glass jar.