Egyptian Deities

Amun, Amon or Amen - The God of creation, fertility, reproduction and sexual power. He is associated with the pharaohs and the Sun and was known as the one supreme God. He carries a whip and sometimes is seated in a throne.

Anubis - God of the Dead and Lord of Mummy Wrappings. The God of the dead and transformation. He is associated with the truth and change. He is the ruler of the underworld and a guide for all souls in transition.

Bast or Bastet - Goddess of Fertility, Sensuality and Fire Prevention.
The Goddess of the Sun, pleasure and play. Also the Goddess of the East, generosity, music, healing, fire, the Moon, protection and sex. She is the mother of all cats and the protector of all animals. A very warm and kind Goddess to work with.

Geb - God of earth the first king of Egypt. He is often portrayed lying beneath the sky goddess, Nut. In his role as a god of earth, he is a fertility deity. Plants grow within his body, the dead are imprisoned inside him, and earthquakes are his laughter. He is more than a god of the surface of the earth - in fact, he is a god of everything contained within the earth.

Hathor - Goddess of Happiness. The Goddess of beauty, love and pleasure. She is a woman with the horns of a cow. She often carries a rattle.

Horus - A solar God and the avenger of evil. Horus is seen in the form of a man with the head of a falkon or as a falcon with the Moon as one eye and the Sun as the other.

Isis - The mother and supreme Goddess. She is associated with womanhood, virility, healing, motherhood, marital devotion, the Moon, magick and resurection. She is considered to be the most powerfull magickian in the universe.

Maat - Maat is the Egyptian goddess of truth and justice. She is married to Thoth, and is the daughter of Ra, the sun god. In addition to truth, she embodies harmony, balance and divine order. In Egyptian legends, it is Maat who steps in after the universe is created, and brings harmony amidst the chaos and disorder.

Nephthys - The Goddess of magick, dreams, metamorphosis and intuition. She is associated with the earth, fertility and change. She takes the form of a woman with a hieroglyph on her head.

Nut - Goddess of the Sky. She is young and slim, stars shine from within her body. She usually appears naked.

Osiris - God of the Underworld. God of commerce, success, religion, civilization, arts, crafts, law and resurection into eternal life. He is the brother and husband of Isis. He takes the form of a mummy with the head of a live man. His face often has a slight green cast.

Ra - Top God. The Eye of the Sun. The Sun God. The source of all life, truth, rituals, spells and prosperity, Ra is a man with the head of a falcon. As the sun appears to move across the sky, so he travels through the sky. At night, he journeys through the underworld and his head becomes that of a ram.

Shu - God of Air. Also known as Su. Son of Atum. Father of Nut and Geb.

Sektmet - Goddess of War and Vengeance. Also known as Sakhment, Sekhet, and Shesmetet.

Taweret - Taweret was an Egyptian goddess of childbirth and fertility - but for a while, she was considered a demon. Associated with the hippopotomus, Taweret is a goddess who watches over and protects women in labor and their new babies.

Thoth - God of mysteries, secret wisdom, the intellect, mathematics and magick. He is also associated with the Moon. According to legend, he wrote 42 books, including a book of symbols with which to look into the future - the basis for the modern-day Tarot.


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