The Oath of Witchcraft, wiccan craft, wiccan, wicca, pagan, witchcraft, spells, tumbled stones, tarot

 I undertake this path of my own free will and for the good of myself and of humankind.
I will follow the Wiccan law-Do as you will, but ye none.
I do not seek power over others but aim to increase my own knowledge, self-esteem and happiness through the Craft.

I cast no spell against another's wishes or their best interests.
I embrace the law of the Threefold Return-What I cast out into the universe will return to me three times more powerful.
I promise to keep the identity of my fellow Witches secret and help protect them from harm.

I shall follow my coven's democratic rulings and laws to the best of my ability.
I will attempt to gain true and deep understanding of the Craft.
I respect all life as sacred and treat earth and its inhabitants with love and care.
I thank the Goddess for this path, and promise to uphold the best traditions of the Craft


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I like this and very well said.

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i like this very much!!! :)

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