Altar decoration ideas

Different Altar decoration Ideas for different emotions
Feeling Depressed
Altar cloths Sunny Yellow
Deities Your Matron God/dess, Isis, or Kali
Candles White
Flowers Cheerful, daisy-type flowers
Stones Amber
Scents Eyebright, St John's Wort, Savory, Thyme, Borage
Other Drink St John's Wort tea

Feeling Anxious
Altar cloths Purple
Deities Demeter, Tara, Artemis, or Ganesh
Candles Light blue
Flowers Violets or anemones
Stones Amethyst
Scents Lavender, Eyebright, Sage
Other Potted flowers, Drink chamomile mint tea

Feeling Blue
Altar cloths Pale pink
Deities Brighid, or Mary
Candles Yellow
Flowers Violets
Stones Rose quartz
Scents Violet, Pine, Borage
Other Sea shells

Feeling Fearful
Altar cloths Light Blue
Deities Artemis or Kali, Dancing Shiva or Pan
Candles Yellow
Flowers Chrysanthemum
Stones Black hematite- no crystals!
Scents Snapdragon, Eyebright, Basil
Other Big pine cones

Feeling Despairing
Altar cloths Bright red
Deities Kwan Yin, Mary, or Yemaya
Candles White
Flowers Tiger lilies
Stones Pearl
Scents Lavender, Rosemary, Mint, Borage
Other River stones

Feeling Stuck
Altar cloths Bright green
Deities Dancing Shiva, Kali, Danu, or Brighid
Candles Red
Flowers Cuttings of green branches or flowering fruit trees
Stones Quartz crystal
Scents Motherwort, Mint, Mandrake, Basil, Anise
Other Red ribbons on your athame

Feeling Stressed
Altar cloths Purple
Deities Matron God/dess, Voluptus, or Lalita
Candles Ivory pillar candles
Flowers Pastel colours and green leaves
Stones Hematite or amber
Scents Vervaine, Thyme, Lavender
Other Eat cucumbers

Feeling Irritable
Altar cloths Pale pink
Deities Kuan Yin, Green Tara
Candles Sky blue
Flowers Narcissus or Daffodils
Stones Moonstone
Scents Tarragon, Passion Flower
Other Drink Chamomile Tea

Feeling Poor
Altar cloths Gold
Deities Lakshmi, Gaia, or Moon Mother
Candles Silver
Flowers Lush garden roses or large bouquets, Hollyhocks
Stones Rose quartz and pearl
Scents Rowan, Alfalfa
Other Fruits, nuts, bread pentacles

Feeling Spiritual Apathy
Altar cloths Black with stars (silver or gold)
Deities Matron God/dess, or Tara
Candles Silver, Gold, or Sky blue
Flowers Yellow and pink roses
Stones Turquoise
Scents Sandalwood, Myrrh
Other Decorate your chalice with flowers, colours, shiny things

Feeling a Creative Slump
Altar cloths Orange
Deities Brighid, Saraswati
Candles Turquoise (if you can stand it) or red
Flowers Lotus, Water lilies, Orchids, Jasmine
Stones Lapis Lazuli or Herkimer diamond
Scents Vervaine, Mandrake, Jasmine
Other Decorate with Stars

Feeling Spacey or Ungrounded
Altar cloths Brown
Deities Gaia, Artemis/Diana, Green Man
Candles Brown or Black
Flowers Geraniums
Stones Hematite
Scents Wisteria
Other Potted plants

Needing Healing
Altar cloths Spring Green
Deities Green Tara, Hari, Medicine Buddha
Candles Yellow
Flowers Jasmine
Stones Amethyst
Scents Rosemary, Pine, Juniper, Jasmine, Hyssop, Ginger

Wanting Love
Altar cloths Dusty rose
Deities Aphrodite, Venus
Candles Red
Flowers Irises, Plush roses (red, peach, or pink)
Stones Moonstone
Scents Lovage, Rose, Vervaine, Rose Geranium, Periwinkle


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