How Spirits communicate with us

How spirits of the dead and other spirits communicate, different things in this world for you to recognize them when they try to talk to you. Things that spirit can to do to make you aware that they are around, the way in which they can give messages and show themselves to you. 

When some people pass over not all of them know how to communicate with us and have to learn how to do it.
In my experiences of spirit visits when these come to you, you will feel pressure as they try to make you aware of them and who they are. Most of the time they come at night when you are trying to go to sleep as this is when you are more relaxed and in many cases more receptive to spirit as you are slipping into another conscious state.

They will touch you, tap you push you, and even put pressure on your chest to get you to notice them and talk to them. If you are not aware of the way they try to communicate you may mistake them as an attack, you have to stay calm and ask them get off you, telling them to try other ways of talking to you. It can be very frustrating for both you and them when they are having trouble getting you to understand them. The best way to help them is by asking them to touch you once for yes, twice for no and ask them questions. You may not get all of the message in one go as this can be slow, you both need to rest so when you feel tired all you have to do is ask them to leave you to sleep and come back tomorrow when you are more awake.

As they progress in the spirit world they learn many different ways of contacting you. It is only usually temporary that they need help to talk to us earthy beings.
Spirits are capable of anything they will come to you as they wish you to see them, so they can be any age they wish to be. If they want you to give a message to someone that they have not seen, say, since they were sixteen they will come to you as a sixteen year old so that the person you are giving a message to will recognize them. The same spirit can come to you as the age that they died if they wish to give a message to their family that was close to them at their time of death. Even your deceased pets come to visit as they would be remembered while they were here on earth. 

Spirits can show themselves in solid matter appearing as a living human being, you can see them with your eyes, be able to hear them with your ears and touch them with your hands. They can also touch you, talk to you and listen to you as this solid form. They walk among us every single day, for those that are aware of this you will know that they have a look about them. They seem as though they are "alive" like us though have a different sort of glow in their eyes and aura that makes them stand out from the rest of us. Some are aware of us, others are not, they live in a different dimensional time warp that sometimes mixes with ours. 

Some spirits show themselves as orbs of light, they can be different colours. Other times spirits can show themselves as streaks of light, shadows, shadows of light, even star like shapes. 

Spirits can move things either when they are in solid matter or when they come just as energy, sometimes they do this while you are in the same room as them, sometimes they do this when they are alone. They can switch the TV over, turn the volume up and even switch it on or off. The same goes for anything on this earth. They will use anything to communicate if they want to make you aware that they are around or need to get a message over to you or someone else. They can take things away from this dimension and put things in it. 

They can use the TV, radios, telephones, music, films, any thing from this world to put their messages across to you. 

They can come into your dreams and meditations, spirit dreams are usually the ones that stick in your head the next day, making you really think deep about the dream. 

Ten signs that a spirit is trying to get your attention 

Lights Flickering
This is one of the most common signs. Spirits have the ability to interfere with light and electricity just because they are pure energy. I’m not saying that EVERY single time a light bulb flickers at home means that a spirit is around you, but if you check the bulb or the switch and everything seems to be fine and you can’t find an explainable reason, then is very possible there’s a spirit around you. 

Appliances Turning On and Off
Again, the spirits are pure energy and they can manipulate electronic appliances as well, such as the TV, radio, microwave oven, etc. Most of the times they want to make you aware that they’re there and want your attention. If your TV turns on for no apparent reason, try to decode the reason behind it…what show or channel is on? Is it perhaps the favourite show your grandfather used to watch before passing away? Is the radio playing your grandma’s favourite old song? 

Chills or Cold Spots
Sometimes you are in your room, reading a book or chatting online, and suddenly, you feel an awkward chill on the back of your neck, or you get sudden goose bumps through your arms even though is 70o. Degrees. Most of the people have experienced something similar at least once in their lifetimes and the reason of these phenomena is that spirits do not release heat because in fact they absorb it. As everybody knows, heat is energy in movement, and when spirits absorb it they leave a cold spot instead. They use that energy to move and perhaps, to turn on your TV. 

Perhaps this is the universal media through which spirits send you messages. But how do you know if that dream about you and your death relative was a real conversation or just the product of your subconscious? In fact, there are a few characteristics you should analyze after having a spiritual dream: It should be vivid it should be in colour, not black and white or greyish it should be chronological or at least with a logical sequence It should have some sort of message with words, telepathy, or physical it should have left you confused, happy, peaceful or even fearful

The Feeling of Being Watched
A lot of us have felt this one! All of us have the ability to pick up spiritual energy once in while, especially when we are relaxed. You may ask, how to tell if this feeling is real or just a suggestive fear? Just ask yourself: Am I feeling this because I don’t like to be alone? Or is it because I recently watched something scary on TV? Remember that our mind play tricks on us very often. If the feeling of being watched came out of the blue, while you were singing, reading a book or just concentrated in something totally unrelated, then be sure that you are not alone

A lot of times people have heard voices calling their names, laughing or chatter. This is very possible but very rare. Indeed, when people hear this voices in an unexplainable circumstance, they attribute them to ghosts. In this case let me make a distinction between a ghost and a spirit. A ghost is an entity that hasn’t cross over to the other side, while a spirit has done so. A spirit can come to the earth to visit relatives and gives us messages, which can also be heard through our ears, but as I said, these cases are rare. On the other hand, a ghost doesn’t know is dead or they can’t cross over because of unfinished business, and they can also try to communicate with you in a rather disturbing manner.

Unfortunately this is the sign we pay less attention to. Spirits try to communicate with us in every unimaginable manner, and by using symbols they are sending us a message without scaring us. Have you ever seen a flying bird that suddenly reminds you of a friend you lost in your childhood? Or perhaps, you found an exact copy of a book at the bookstore that your grandmother used to read to you? What about that toy you thought was lost that your father gave you one Christmas? All of these are examples of symbols our spirits use to let us know… Hey, I’m watching over you.

This is another sign that can be confusing. We always keep memories about how our deceased relatives used to smell, perhaps of a distinctive colony or perfume they liked, or even because of a specific activity they performed. I’ve heard many stories where people are doing something and suddenly they smell that particular perfume, or cigarette odour. If your death relative used to work with cars and out of the blue you smell car oil, don’t be scared and say hi!

Moving objects
Spirits can have the energy to move an object in front of our eyes. However this is rather rare since they don’t want to scare us. This phenomenon is more attributed to ghosts. But many times spirits will do so if they have something important to tell us, especially if we are experiencing a rough time in our lives. Even though you may not see the actual movement, things can appear in different places the next morning or disappear from it usual location. Think about the actual meaning of that object to you, and how can it relate to your deceased relative.

Apparitions can be really scary, especially because of the context how movies portray them. Spirits don’t want to scare us, but sometimes they’ll appear to us to give us peace. When we see people we don’t know, there can be two possible explanations. It is a ghost or it is an angel, but that’s another story. Ghosts usually appear to scare us or at least to let us know they’re there. Angels appear to us to protect us. When a death relative appears to you, don’t be scared and try to talk to him/her. But don’t worry, since this sign is the rarest, rest assured that you won’t see a complete apparition, however don’t underestimate those “corner of the eye shadows”, because most of the times, it wasn’t your imagination.


Tim said...

This is very interesting thank you.

Anonymous said...

I once and somtimes feel that I am being watched I find it really creepy

Anonymous said...

Recently I've had some of these experiences: touch lamp came on and off occasionally for about a wk, coffee pot not correctly in place one am, peripheral movement occasionally,not able to recognize, black in color, spring loaded tension shower rod fell in guest bath, feeling I'm being watched or not alone, flower/perfume odors now and then, voices, and in 1970-1971 I met my land ladies daughters who were Christians and upon shaking hands with one I experienced something I didn't understand and it scared me extremely, upon shaking hand, I immediately felt what I thought to be some kind of force from her hand thru mine and I immediately pulled my hand away and never told anyone about that experience till now!!

Anonymous said...

Whoever wrote this informational article I would like to thank them because I have been wondering why the spirits that I see stare at me

Anonymous said...

I've always believed in spirits, I've had many things happen (things fall "across" a room, tweezers fall off a wicker armoir that had other things in front of it , sounds, smells) that could only be explained by a belief in spirits. My Husband called me from work last night, left with an uneasy feeling, the microwave that he wasn't using at work went off and then displayed numbers that had a meaning to him on its screen- no one else was that.

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