Making a Brigid's cross

You can use reeds, straws or pipe cleaners if you wish

14 reeds cut to 12-inch lengths and soaked for 2 hours
Four 6-inch lengths of cotton string

Take two reeds and place them together in a cross pattern. Take another reed and fold it in half over the far right half of the horizontal reed (see Figure 1). Keep the reed snug to the center cross.

Turn the entire piece 90 degrees to the left. Fold another reed in the same fashion over the far right half the current horizontal reed (see Figure 2). Keep working snugly.

Continue on this way until you have one reed left to use. Start folding this reed over in the manner described above but tuck the ends into the front and back of the reed below to secure the piece together 
Tie string around the four arms of the cross to secure.


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