Making a yule log

You will need

Because each type of wood is associated with various magickal and spiritual properties, logs from different types of trees might be burned to get a variety of effects. Aspen is the wood of choice for spiritual understanding, while the mighty oak is symbolic of strength and wisdom. A family hoping for a year of prosperity might burn a log of pine, while a couple hoping to be blessed with fertility would drag a bough of birch to their hearth. 

Depending on the size you want your Yule log to be you will need about (8cm) diameter is split lengthways down the middle to make two halves, and one of these is used, trimmed to about two feet (60cm) in length.

Other items you will need depending on your chosen design

A log about 14 – 18” long
Pine cones
Dried berries, such as cranberries
Cuttings of mistletoe, holly, pine needles, and ivy
Feathers and cinnamon sticks
Some festive ribbon – use paper or cloth ribbon, not the synthetic or wire-lined type
A hot glue gun

You will need three holes, about 1inch (2.5cm) are bored into this log to hold three large candles then you can decorate your Yule log however you want to using the items above, remember if your lighting the candles make sure nothing on your design can catch fire. You could leave it plain if that is your wish and light the candles there you have your Yule log.

Altar-Sized Yule Log
Small altar-sized log
Three candles: One white, one red, one black
Bits of holly to decorate with
Red and green ribbon to be tied in a decorative bow
Glue gun 

The candles can be short squat ones or longer ones if you're willing to drill holes in the log and insert them. Just gluing them is fine. The white candle represents the innocent phase of life; it goes first. The red represents the childbearing phase; it goes in the middle. The black candle represents maturity and wisdom; it goes last. Arrange the holly around them so that drill holes or glue gun marks do not show. Tie a bow with the ribbon and stick on the front.
Ritual use:
Burn the candles during your Yule ritual.


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