Making a witches laddar

Items needed:
3 cords of equal length, each 3 feet long (Traditionally, these cords are red, black, and white for the three aspects for the Goddess, however you may substitute any colour for its magickal correspondence.)
9 feathers
Ring on which to tie cords to anchor them while braiding (Optional) 

Assemble materials. Cast circle or create sacred space. Light a candle in a colour corresponding to your magickal working. (Blue for peace, etc.) Burn incense which corresponds to your purpose. Have a small bowl of salt and a small bowl of water at your workspace. 

If using a ring, tie one end of each of the three cords side by side to the ring. (You could even use a belt buckle or hanger). Anchor this ring to a doorknob, handle, or chair back. If not using a ring, tie one end of the cords together loosely. Begin to braid, saying this or a similar rhyme:
Yarn of red, black, and white
Work your magick spell this night. 

As you braid, work all nine feathers (all one colour or a combination of colours, depending on your magickal intent) into the ladder, one at a time, as evenly spaced as possible. As you insert the feathers, begin this or a similar chant:
With this feather and this string,
Protection (or peace, etc) this charm will bring.
When all nine feathers have been tied onto the cord, and the length is braided, tie the ends of the cords together to make a circle (after removing the braid from the ring). 

Consecrate the ladder by passing it through the incense smoke and candle flame, asperge it with salt and water, saying:
In the names of the Goddesses
And the God
By Air, Earth, Fire, and Water
I consecrate this charm
Of feathers nine and cord of three
As I will, so mote it be! 

Hang the witches ladder high in your house where it will not be seen by others, but where you can see it everyday.


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