Carving a pumpkin

Choose a nice shaped pumpkin and one where the skin is in good condition, you don’t want a bruised or damaged pumpkin also checked your pumpkin is not lopsided you will want it to sit nicely on the floor or where ever you want to place it

Make the lid large, so you can clean out the pumpkin easily. Adults only: Very carefully, cut along the lines with a knife. Angle the blade towards the center of the pumpkin to create a ledge that supports the lid. Keep the lid as you will want to place it back on top after you have finished carving it

Clean out the inside. Clean out the seeds and strings (I hate doing this bit!) don’t go too thin or too thick so scrap carefully and check as your going.

Cut out the design. Choose whatever design you want you can make your pumpkin scary or friendly whichever you prefer, when I was doing one for my mom I made a friendly type face I didn’t want her sitting there alone on the evening with a nasty scary face looking back at her! So you decided what design you want and carve it out with a sharp knife being very careful as you cut do not put your fingers inside the pumpkin as your cutting it is very easy to slip we don't want any ouchies for Samhain night!!

Anoint and bless the candle. Place it inside your pumpkin and when ready light it and replace the lid there you have it either a scary pumpkin or a friendly one depending on your design.

Tip When the candle has blackened a spot on the lid, blow out the candle. Cut out the blackened spot for a chimney hole.

Place your pumpkin in a window, on a porch, or in your Samhain Circle or altar to welcome your ancestors home.


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