Pentacles Meanings

Ace of Pentacles
New beginings,power to get what you want, fresh start
The possibility of your ideas becoming a reality are strong with the appearance of this card a goal is now achievable and in sight. It warns not to make snap decisions but to think things through and be centred before moving forward. Use your common sense and ensure you are properly prepared before taking the plunge, the groundwork will be the most important part of a project or enterprise. Take concrete steps towards making your life more stable and grounded. This may be difficult at times, as you may be in the habit of worrying about your needs, without doing much to change your situation. However, by applying persistence and faith the outcome is sure to be worth the effort.

Two of Pentacles
Juggling, positive times, coping
The Two of Pentacles shows fun and positive times. You not only feel able to cope with all the demands made upon you but you actively feel excited at conquering any difficulties. If you are not feeling a high level of confidence in yourself be patient, believe in yourself, the time will come. Be flexible and don't be afraid to approach things in a less orthodox way, sometimes what seems like a step back can help in the long run. Stop juggling things start balancing and be more confident.

Three of Pentacles
Competence, teamwork, communication
Now is the time to work as a team, communicate with others and work towards your common goal, don't pull in opposite directions. Don't feel that you have to take on everything yourself, look around and combine resources in order to get the most successful result. Be sure of what is needed before you start and have a definite plan not a vague idea. At times you may feel defeated but your determination and competence will shine through.

Four of Pentacles
Taking action, possessive, being mean
Control is an issue shown by this card, you need to learn that you cannot control everything. You may be experiencing problems with possessiveness or be jealous of someone - try not to run other people's lives, let them be free to make their own decisions. Sometimes change is necessary in order to improve situations and you cannot decide or demand choices from others. If you can move more with the flow you will find yourself more relaxed and less demanding of other people. Ask yourself if the things you crave will bring you true happiness and try to remember what is really important.

Five of Pentacles
Hardship, rejection, feeling alone
Something is lacking - it could be that you are neglecting yourself or that you are experiencing setbacks. It shows a struggle and lack of support in general. You may be feeling alone and possibly rejected. It is time to work towards a solution, look at ways to build up your strength and confidence. It is worth remembering that any difficulties you face have a shelf-life. Everything can and will change and no situation ever remains the same for long, even though it may seem that way at times. Are you imagining that people are against you or not there for you when you need them most. It is difficult to see things as they really are when life is heavy so be as accepting as you can of your hardship, realise that you are not alone and remember that miracles continue occurring all the while our heads are held low.

Six of Pentacles
Giving and sharing, generosity, being complacement
This card shows opposites, it shows both sides of the coin - either you have or have not got what you want or need. Sometimes the card is clear in its meaning, in other cases it depends on the surrounding cards. It says that all is sometimes not what it seems, don't accept the obvious blindly - questioning and going deeper can bring unexpected results. Remember if you have more than enough for your needs at this time (in love, friendships, money, work) - be careful not to get too complacent. Remember that there are many things we take for granted but which may be lacking from others' lives.

Seven of Pentacles
Caution, take stock
It's time to take stock, look at where you are heading and reflect on whether you are going in the right direction. Look at the alternatives, it could be that you are at a crossroads so slow down and weigh all your options. Be prepared to take a deep breath and work even harder and with more enthusiasm than before once you know the result you need. Re-evaluate your strategies before they become so habitual you can recognize no other way to confront your problems. Think about your current issues.

Eight of Pentacles
Discipline, attention to detail, dedicated
Your strengths lie in your thirst for knowledge, you soak up details and make painstaking efforts to glean as much as you can about current projects and matters of interest to you. You tend to give 100% sometimes becoming totally absorbed. The Eight of Pentacles shows that you will be rewarded for your efforts and will get satisfaction from the results of your labour. To receive this card suggests that you have already obtained some mastery in your current situation and the card advises you to keep plugging away, forcing yourself through those difficult times until your goal is achieved.

Nine of Pentacles
Don't take things for granted, self control
The Nine of Pentacles indicates a need for self control and discipline, it is a fine balance and sometimes involves sacrifice in order to succeed in the end. It can also show that you don't need to settle for second best, you can achieve the best as long as you believe in yourself, don't let work requirements rule your life but prioritise and have faith in your own ability, you can get the results you want in this way. Try to achieve balance between being and doing.

Ten of Pentacles
Change, stability, reward yourself
Stability and permanence are important; although change is unavoidable it shouldn't make you feel insecure. If you are in a situation that works for you why look to alter it?. Try to keep things steady and maintain an even keel. If you are wondering how a plan or venture will turn out this is the card you need to see to indicate success. You are being asked to reward yourself for your endeavours. Now is a time to take a break and see how far you've come. If there are still new horizons in front of you, you should look at them from this higher plateau and move forward calmly and easily into the next phase, using the wisdom gained from the past and feeling a greater sense of security about your future.
Page of Pentacles
New projects, take care of your reputation
The Page has a positive effect in all areas, opportunities, security and achievement are all within your reach when this card is shown. Look for that special chance and grab it with both hands, it symbolises success and shows us that dreams can come true. Now is the time to enjoy life and be happy with what you have. Take care of your reputation, becoming aware of how others see you. Often other people can tell us things about ourselves we may not want to see and can thus help us grow.

Knight of Pentacles
Stubborness, admitt when your wrong
Now is the time to look carefully at yourself - are you able to admit when you're wrong?, are your opinions usually set in stone?. Try to be more flexible, listen to others with an open mind - sometimes you can gain great insight if you open yourself to suggestion. This trait can often be positive as it usually means you work harder than everyone else and push yourself, try not to be too persistent in matters that aren't important. You can have what you want - security, abundance, wealth - because you are so unwavering in your efforts to achieve this. However, it also advises you to be aware that the journey is as important as the destination. If you are so narrowly focussed on your end goal you may upset others along the way
Queen of Pentacles
Nuturing, responsible, be honest
You are a great support to those around you, you are known for your ability to welcome others into your life, particularly if they have problems or worries. The Queen of Pentacles shows that now is the time to look for opportunities for yourself, be aware of new and inspiring ideas as they indicate a new project or break that will give you great satisfaction. Admitting that we need help is rarely easy but to struggle alone is worse.

King of Pentacles
Go for gold
When this card appears it shows someone who is reliable, practical and supportive. You actively encourage others and are selfless with both time and material goods. If you put your mind to something it is usually a success, if you make a commitment you stick with it until the end. The King has a special energy and this card tells you to use this energy, however it may appear in your life. This card asks us to take note of the negative thoughts about ourselves that we may have played over and over in our heads for many years you can have the security and stability in each aspect of your life as long as you commit to calmly recognizing when the limiting thoughts are there and then making the decision.


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