Sword Meanings

Ace of Swords
Justice and truth, facing facts, find what is right or wrong
You reap what you sow, and all of your perseverance and graft is about to bring you rewards. But you're not home and dry yet; this is an opportunity and cannot be taken for granted so continue to work hard. Take heart however, you are heading in the right direction for success. Become conscious of when you turn away from problems in your life. Be brave and see your problems as challenges and you as being able to handle them . This card tells you that you do have the inner resources to overcome all obstacles and find the truth of your situation.

Two of Swords
Barriers, blocked feelings, ignoring the truth
The woman pictured in this card is putting up barriers and her poise is rigid and a little hostile. And yet, she is blindfolded so is she seeing the situation as it really is? Whatever the stresses and strains of the situation, you'll not be able to deal with it without facing up to the truth first. All problems can be confronted far more easily when you have your whole being able to take on the job. Be gentle but firm with yourself and try to stay positive: these demons do not usually turn out to be as bad as we fear.

Three of Swords
Loss, isolation, heartache
This card signifies separation, loneliness or absence. You may find out something suddenly, which leaves you feeling hurt or rejected and unable to trust those around you. It may be that it has already happened to you or possibly a warning to look out for things around you that could need your attention. You are being advised to take more risks and communicate the secrets of your heart more. Give up the defences and control in favour of trust and communication. You can choose to heal the hurt and the underlying pattern of heartbreak in order to move forward into a new level of maturity in your relationships. Accept and forgive the past and you can let it go.

Four of Swords
Inner fears, relaxing, slowing down
This card represents retreat, and can be a sign that you need to give yourself a break. You have been very busy of late and have not given yourself the time to listen to your inner feelings. You need to gather your strength before you are ready to move on with your life, hopefully with renewed vigour. You may find it difficult to quieten your mind and feelings in order to hear your soul, but it is worth continuing to try. Be aware that if you cannot make space in your life to do this consciously your body may do it unconsciously for you in the form of illness.

Five of Swords
Greed, self interest, selfishness
Is self-interest a good or a bad thing? This card is urging you to seek the answers to this question. It may be that you have acted selfishly lately and have caused upset to others. Or it may be that you have put your needs second to those of others for too long and need to concentrate on yourself without feeling guilt. If you are winning at someone else's expense, this is not really winning, but an illusion of success.

Six of Swords
Difficulties, hardship, stagnation, moving away
As the card depicts, you are about to embark on a journey. It can be a physical journey, an emotional journey or maybe a transitory stage of your life. It will often come up when you have been through a difficult time and although it does not usually represent a particularly exciting time in your life, it shows you that you will be slowly moving in the right direction. Do not lose hope on the journey on which you currently find yourself. This may be an inner or an outer journey; it may be long and arduous or short and painless.

Seven of Swords
Deception, lying, cheating, allowing someone else to take the blame
Is there something going on in your life, in the present or the past that you are not facing up too? This is isolating you from others as you are carrying this secret around like a cross to bear. You need to consider whether or not you can operate on your own as well as you think you can. This card also speaks of a hidden, darker aspect of our psyches - a side of us which lies, cheats or behaves dishonourably It is the little devil within us that wants to cast mischief, to see what we can get away with.

Eight of Swords
Confusion, restriction, trapped by a situation, follow the truth of your feelings
This card represents a crisis. You don't know what to do, and who to turn to. This feeling of being trapped is overwhelming you. But are you as powerless as you imagine? Try to look at things in a different way and you will see that there ARE options open to you, but you have to seek them out first. Be honest with yourself: are you really happy? Are you following your dreams or have you wandered off track somehow? No matter what stage you're at, commit to using all your energy, bravery and willpower now to bring you back on course.

Nine of Swords
Fear and anxiety, worrying, feeling vulnerable
This is the card of worry and anguish. Obviously you are worrying about something or things in particular but this is representing the emotion itself. But worry can be self-destructive, so vow to look after yourself better. Will you not be better able to face the troubles with a clear head? Calm your worries and keep them within your control as much as possible. There usually isn't the need to put as much energy into worrying as we do. Think about focussing your worries and doing something about them instead of making things worse by doing nothing ~ only you can help you.

Ten of Swords
Self pity, turning point, feeling guilty about something
You're feeling under attack, and as if you are being victimised. But this card tells you that you are not as powerless as you might feel. You may have every right to ask yourself 'why me?' but then think about whether or not it is helping. It is time to start making some positive changes. You may be allowing one sword after another to stab you in the back, each one making you more and more weak . You need to accept that you are prolonging this tragedy, laugh at yourself and enjoy the symbolism of ten swords stabbing you in the back. Isn’t one enough why allow all ten!

Page of Swords
Looking inward, watchfulness, being truthful
There is something in your life that you need to be truthful about. It could be something on an emotional level so you may need to give yourself some space to think over things in general. Does anything feel uncomfortable to you? This could be an area that needs your attention. The card advises you to look for situations in your life which you don't really understand, in which you will need to admit you're not quite as wise as you thought you were.

Knight of Swords
Justice and truth, self pity, careful decisions
This card might be saying 'No More Mr Nice Guy'. You have kept quiet about your true feelings for too long now and you should speak frankly and truthfully about how you feel. It will benefit you and may well benefit everyone else involved too. If you are one to always speak out, then you may need to consider whether or not you need to be more tactful? Represents an aspect of ourselves which doesn't want to let go of our anger and admit that what lies beneath is the feeling that you maybe are out of control. Let anger and frustration be a sign to you that you need to confront situations rather than allow them to overwhelm you.

Queen of Swords
Deception, being direct, up front and open, stand up for what you believe in
The truth is not always pleasant but it is there never-the-less. It does not serve you well to try and run from it. However hard it may seem, you will find that if you do not fool yourself, it will become harder for others to fool you too. It is only when you face up to the truth that you can move on from it. This card advises you to notice where there may be a deception of some kind occurring in your life. he dishonesty may be being perpetrated by you or by someone around you. It may however be that you are lying to yourself. Either way, you will need to inject a large dose of truth and honesty into the situation.

King of Swords
Justice, ethics, fair judgements
This is the card of wise and fair judgements. It warns against making rash decisions and may be needed at times when you are letting your heart rule your head. It can also show up at times when you are maybe being swayed from doing what you feel is right so let this card advise you to be analytical about matters. Trust that all answers to all questions lie within you, in order to help you move through any periods of darkness.


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