Tarot card meanings Major Arcana

The Tarot Card Meanings
First I would like to point out this is how I see the tarot cards, you may have different meanings or thoughts on all of the cards, but I thought I would share with you what the cards mean to me when I am doing a private reading. I don't go in for long drawn out meanings I like them plain, simple and easy to understand so if you want long drawn out meanings then there are plenty of other Tarot card sites on the internet who supply longer meanings. if like me you prefer the short version then read on!!
The green wording is the main theme for the card so basically three maybe four keywords then followed by the card meaning.

The Fool
New begining, letting go, faith and belief
The unknown, new adventures and new opportunities, listen to advice your given. Keep your faith and trust your intuition. Leap into the unknown a new period of your life has begun. Blind faith is the fool's message.

The Magican
New Ideas, taking action, awareness
Act and act now always listen to your inner voice and be flexible with skill and tact, you have more power then you realise in which to change your circumstances you have unlimited potential ~ what positive action can you take at this time?

The High Priestess
 Secrets, hidden enemies,, look take no action
Trust your intuition there are secrets and mystery, your sixth sense is trying to tell you something. Look at yourself and the situation and ask yourself if it is really necessary to take action at this time. Allow events to unfold and patiently wait the outcome there will be time for action but not now.

The Empress
Motherhood, love and compassion, understanding
Fertility, pregnancy/birth and motherhood, happiness in the current situation, becareful of being over protective as this can smoother ~ do you need to change anything? If your feeling frustrated with someone around you remember you don't need to change them you need to love then for who they are and they will change. Could be a message to a mother or from a mother. Treat yourself with love and compassion and the world will be a beautiful place.

The Emperor
Fatherhood, control and followign rules, control
Use your power but don't abuse it, don't be forceful or stubborn, loose ends need to be tied up. See how you can improve your life by taking charge of your situation so be more decisive. Realise your own inner strength.

The Hierophant
Religiou, working in groups, tradition
Stop fighting situations and fit in, compromise in what you believe in for the sake of peace, examine your own belief system and conform to rules, let go of the past

The Lovers
Relationships, union, love
Important choices need to be made listen to your heart and head to work it out, trust your inner guide. Start looking at ways where you can fit into the situation rather then fight it. You need to compromise what you believe in in exchange for peace. A message for you to examine your belief systems.

The Chariot
Movement and change, self control, travel
Face conflict and stand up for your beliefs, take control and control your emotions don;t be distracted by things that pulls you away from your goals. Face conflicts and difficulties head on don't shy away from them. Be clear and self assusred with what you want and go get it.

Inner Strength,persistence, courage
Time to force an issue and get what you want you have the inner strength to endure. See both sides of the arguement and learn to forgive and forget. People may conspire against you but you have all the qualitities you need to meet any problems head on. If people or circumstances are driving you nuts your strength will see you throught the hardest times.

The Hermit
Being alone, looking inward, decision needs to be made
You need sometime alone to reflect look within for these answers you are loosing site of who you are, peace and quite thought is what you need. You will make the final decision on your own be still contemplate observe what is going on before any further action is taken.

The Wheel of Fortune
Luck and chance, movement, letting go
Change will happen soon, a turning point, destiny is turning so take advantage of it and go with the flow. Strange meetings, lucky breaks and chance meetings the wheel can make anything happen. If you find yourself moving from a happy time to a sad time relax because soon enough the wheel will turn full circle.

The Justice
Legal, justice and truth, balance
Decisions all wrongs are righted in the end, a time for logic and not emotion. You know what you should be doing but your not doing it. Your conscious is talking to you. If this is a legal matter then you should seek some assistance in order to move things on, seeing the justice card normally means things will go in your favour.

The Hanged Man
Letting go, suspendend, sacrifice
Stop struggling so you can move forward, don't force issues, take a step back and try a different approach you may need to sacrifce something, your trying to achieve something but going the wrong way about it. You may find the key to getting what you want is to give up something or sacrifice something in order to get what you want or need.

Major change, loss, endings
All good things come to an end it is ending because it has served it's purpose in your life. Mourn what you have lost, your new life will come sooner rather then later this is the end of an era and a new transformation. Everything in our lives is always on a temporary basis if you can come to terms with this then you will appreciate people and things when they around you.

Balance and Harmony, resolution
Your now able to see both sides of an issue and reach agreements or compromise. You are getting a break so you can fix any lingering problems so look for a resolution and compromise. You are at your most powerful when we are at peace within ourselves.

The Devil
Addictions, hardship, stagnation
You need to become aware of all the ways in which you are your own worst enemy. The Devil can warn against trying to use money or power in relationships, you have some serious examining to do It is always tempting to blame others for our difficulties, but the truth is that we can only truly progress when we take full responsibility for our own lives.

The Tower
Unexpected change, difficulties, hardship
These changes may seem to be out-of-the-blue but really they have been coming for some time. When the Tower appears, it affects parts of your life that were stuck. The complete changes of the Tower are giving you a chance to transform your life. If you can be adaptable and try to see the positive side to changes in your circumstances you will be much more likely to find inner peace.

The Star
Hope and promise, optimisum, faith and belief
The Star advises you to look for guidance from someone or something in your life. Old problems can be solved, wounds healed and you are refreshed and ready to try again Maybe there is someone around you who can help to keep you on track at this time. The Star is a good sign that your future is looking good but you need to maintain a positive attitude towards this future in order to get you through any difficult patches.

The Moon
Deception, intuition, be wary
Be wary and don't always trust your feelings, when we are worried or anxious our thoughts can be confused. Try being humble on what you think you know and question all of your preconceptions refelct upon your life and go with your intuition. Be calm and patient as these phases to pass.

The Sun
Happiness, prosperity, new beginings
A new period of happinessand prosperity enters your life which will enhance every area of your life. The sun card is a very good signthere maybe a birth of a new child, happiness in family life where your stable and will prosper everything is coming up roses.

Choices, new beginings, honesty
Look at your situation and see what opportunities you have at this time to change yourself and open up a new chapter in your life. You are at a crossroads and it is time to lift yourself up and transform your life.

The World
Achievement, success, resolution
You have reached the end of a cycle the ending of projects you have been doing all has ended well you should be delighted and satisfied. You are now entering a period of joy and happiness. This card can sometimes mean a new home, a new place of work or travel


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