Cup Meanings

Ace of Cups
Intuition, love and compassion, new beginings
Let your heart lead the way! You need to go with your intuition and let your inner voice guide you. This is often the card of love and contentment so be open to the idea of happiness. Show affection to the people in your life and let them know that you love and appreciate them.

Two of Cups
Connections and relationships, togetherness
A positive card about love and friendship. This could mean a new relationship for you, or it may be that you need to work on burying the hatchet with someone. Allow the power of love and bonding to enrich your life.

Three of Cups

Happiness and Joy, working in groups
This is a happy and positive card, which reassures you that the outcome of your current problems will be a good one. Family and friends will likely be a great help to you so try to be open to them, and do not shut them out.

Four of Cups
Greed and self interest, boredom
You thought that you had found the answer to your problems, or have had a pretty good time of it recently. But lately, you have not been satisfied. You have found your current lifestyle to be shallow and it is not bringing the solutions it promised. It is time for a change, and for you to look at what really brings you happiness and contentment.

Five of Cups
Feeling low, sorrows, loss, letting go
At face value, this is a card of loss. If you look again however, you will see that you still have something left behind, something to hang on to. Do not be disheartened by the future outcome of your current circumstances. With loss comes change, and in many readings this card means happiness is on the way.

Six of Cups
Memories from the past, well meaning, kindness
This card represents the past, in particular your childhood. It can mean that you need to allow some youthful sense of fun back in, that you are possibly over burdened with the responsibilities of adulthood. Is there something you always loved doing when you were younger but haven't done in years? Allow the real, fun you back in to your life.

Seven of Cups
Decision making, choices, rest
Wishful thinking, contemplation and taking time out are central issues in this card. You need to give your mind some rest from the practical side of life, and resist being so organised all the time. You're missing out on so much fun! But this card also warns of going too far, so if you have been overdoing the daydreaming lately, it is time to start being more realistic.

Eight of Cups
Moving on, journey, seeking
The card of going on a journey. Something has come to an end in your life, or it is time to realise that it should. However hard it is to take those first steps, moving away is the right thing to do. This could mean a physical move or it could mean an emotional one. You can give meaning to your life again in whatever new path you choose.

Nine of Cups
Achievment and success, wish card, you can have what you want
Success and contentment are ahead for you, or are what you're experiencing right now. Maybe you have earned to right to feel pleased, and if so then sit back and enjoy the feeling. But be careful of going too far and becoming overly satisfied, as this will create jealousy in others.

Ten of Cups
Stability, security, total happiness
This is an excellent card that speaks of contentment and happiness. If you are experiencing problems then you can take heart that things are going to improve. Try hard to find the inner peace you deserve and don't let cynicism or bitterness creep in to your outlook on life.

Page of Cups
Intuition, gut feeling, speak how you feel
Don't hold back! Let your emotions out and be honest with how you feel. This can often be a card of love so let someone know if you are interested in them, or, if you're with someone you should show them how you feel. This is not the time to let negative emotions take over.

Knight of Cups
Over simplified way, something new is coming
This card tells of someone new in your life, or some kind of news. But the situation is more complex then it at first appears. All will be well but do not try transfering the responsibility or leave others to deal with things. You may be seeing issues in an over simplified way see as much of the equation as you can.

Queen of Cups
Being comfortable with yourself, understanding, kindness
Are you taking enough notice of the people around you and the way they feel? If you are experiencing a hostile or tense situation, try to be calm and show some forgiveness or kindness. You'll soon see how the atmosphere changes. This card is advising you to see the deeper meaning behind the 'wrong' actions and behaviour of people around you at this time. Although it may be hard to recognize, bad behaviour can often be a cry for help, not an attack on others.

King of Cups
Be respectful, hold your tongue, fair approach
This card often relates to work or business matters but it can also simply represent the need to take a practical and fair approach to things. If you are in a position of power, remember to treat others fairly and with respect and always keep a cool head. Practise diplomacy and tolerance in your approach to others and be measured in what you do and say. If there is a truth you are dying to tell, the card warns you to hold your tongue for the time being. You will find that truth will come out in the end - but in a better way than if you had forced the issue.


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