Wand Meanings

Ace of Wands
New beginings, intuition, energy and ambition
Action is now more important then words high energy and confidence. This is now an excellent time for creativity it is time for an adventure. If you have been thinking of starting something new then now is the time to do that.

Two of Wands
Waiting, preparation, control
Power is an issue when this card is turned. Someone else has it or wants it from you. Know your strengths and use them to your advantage, be original and take the approach that your initial instinct tells you, even if it is a different one to that which others would take.

Three of Wands
Seeking, be watchful, step back
Indicates a need to step back and take your time in decisions, don't be rushed or you may take the wrong route. Show that you can move in new directions, unexplored territory is where you can show your confidence and be proved right.

Four of Wands
Celebrations, new beginings, vitality
The Four of Wands can be a signal of celebration, whether it is planned or a surprise. It also shows freedom and energy, bringing a real "feel good" factor with it. You can break free from any situation where you feel restricted and shouldn't be afraid to claim what is rightfully yours.

Five of Wands
Dis-harmony,  conflicts, difficulties and hardship
It seems that things are going against you; you are fighting for what you feel is right and are finding unnecessary blocks in your way. It appears that everyone is pulling in opposite directions and everyone is challenging and competing against each other. Any projects feel as if they are fragmented. Patience will be required in order to reach the correct result, try to avoid being affected too much by minor irritations.

Six of Wands
Truimph, achievement, success, resolution
The Six of Wands appears at a time when success is close to you; something you have spent much effort on is about to come to fruition. It has not been easy to get to this point but the hard work will be rewarded as you are recognized and rewarded for it. Be proud of yourself but don't let this come across as arrogance or others will resent you.

Seven of Wands
Confrontations, conflict
You have a decision to make; this card appears when there is a confrontation ahead. Think things through and decide whether the situation is worth fighting for. If you consider it important enough then use all your strengths. You are someone who has faith in their own ability and this will need to come to the fore in certain situations soon. Don't hold onto something if you feel it is unworthy of success, let it go and don't be drawn back in.

Eight of Wands
Taking action, resolution, things up in the air
There is an indication of news or information coming your way. It may not be as obvious as it should be so pay special attention to what is said and what is happening around you. If you are working towards something things could move very swiftly so be prepared to make decisions on the spur of the moment. When this card is turned it also shows an end to something that has been on going, it could be a relationship or something that has had a hold on you, now could be the time to put it to one side and move on.

Nine of Wands
Be cautious, persistance, proceed with care
Be alert is what this card says. It warns that you need to proceed with care, take your time and keep alert. You are also shown that you have the necessary strength to conquer, you are tougher than you seem and can be persistent and keep moving forward in the face of adversity. Even when you are faced with negativity you have the ability to keep pushing forward.

Ten of Wands
Struggling, taking on too much, find balance
Times are difficult right now and you are pushing yourself too much. If you are feeling that there is always too much to do and not enough time now is the time to relax a little, make things wait. You are focusing too much on what may not be important enough to take up all your time, try to balance things out a little.

Page of Wands
Be confident, say yes
This card shows clearly that you will be presented with a chance to use your considerable experience, have confidence in your abilities and be excited about what they represent success and challenge! It also represents a time when you can feel free to be passionate and openly enthusiastic about yourself and your talents.

Knight of Wands
Feeling stuck, recklessness
It seems that you maybe stuck in a rut at the moment. If you are feeling as though you are moving nowhere it could be time to make a snap decision and go with the flow rather than holding back. Look at your emotions do you feel that you are being held back? If so, investigate what areas of your life need to change in order to bring balance and excitement back.

Queen of Wands
Direction, intuition, vitality
The Queen represents inspiration and enthusiasm. It can make you feel popular among your peers and boost your confidence. It can also suggest bursts of energy that need channelling properly in order to get the most out of them.

King of Wands
Love and compassion, move forwards, connections and relationships
You are naturally a dominant personality, not one to stand in the background observing and you use these traits to develop ideas and command respect. Naturally a leader you take charge wherever possible and push towards your goals in a forceful way. This card shows a special energy that you will be inspired by and will have meaning for you at this time


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