Astral Travel Facts

Myths About Astral Travel
Astral travel has nothing to do with religion or magic. It really requires no paraphernalia or rituals of any type. In many ways astral travel is a controlled experiment. I believe that astral travel is in no way dangerous. There is no evidence that has been submitted to me to show that anyone has ever suffered any negative effects from astral travel under natural conditions. Astral Travel is safe and a great adventure.

How Common is Out Of Body
Research indicates that between 5 to 10 % of people have experienced an out of body experience. That amounts to as much as 30 million in the USA alone. A further 85% of those people indicated that had the experience while resting or trying to sleep. In some cases an out of body experience has occurred during high speed traveling. Both aircraft pilots and motor cycle riders have reported the experience. Some pilots reported finding themselves out of the plane trying to get back in. Yet at the same time being aware that still also in the plane and flying it. There are reported cases where the person has traveled a large distance to another place and even held a conversation which has been confirmed by those present.

Natural Astral Travel
There are a number of differences between deliberate and spontaneous astral travel.
People who experience spontaneous out of body report a body shape that is usually an exact double of their physical body.
People who experience deliberate out of body report a body shape that is altered at will.
People who experience deliberate out of body also report a type of joining to the body such as a silver cord.
There are also many similarities between the two.
Both experiences report an increased sense of energy and vitality.
A much higher sense of sight and hearing.
Strange sounds such as loud bangs.
An altered sense of vibration of the consciousness.
People who have experienced an out of body have a much stronger belief in life after death.
One of the most interesting points is that people people report that the experience retains its sense of realness indefinitely.

Astral Dreaming
Are we really just dreaming or are we really astral traveling? The answer seems certain to be no, were not dreaming. Characteristics of dreams are that they are unlike real life. Dreams are often vague, hard to remember in full and fade over time. The character of astral travel is that it is real. It is easy to remember, and you recall everything that happened during the astral travel experience. The experience is easily remembered in detail and the experience does not fade over time. Also astral travel can happen while the person is awake. People who astral travel have no doubts about what has happened. The dream theory is mostly pushed by people who have not yet experienced astral travel.

The Scientific Evidence
During experiments on astral travel volunteers who were able to leave their body were wired up to an Electroencephalograph machine. The EEG instruments are monitored by electrodes placed on the volunteers scalp. These electrodes record the electrical potential of the celebrial cortyex.
The following results were recorded
Alpha waves decrease.
Betta waves increase, indicting the volunteer is awake.
Electrodermal activity falls.
Respiration rate increases.
REM is absent.
No Theta or Delta waves.

The tests show something is happening, but not exactly what that is. Another test involved getting a person to project and getting him to reveal numbers that were written on a board in the next room. Seven numbers were used in this test.
However the volunteer was at no stage able to recall the seven numbers. However he did on one occasion recall six numbers in the exact order. This in itself indicates something.

In another test a female volunteer was able to recall conversations in another room. There is certainly a need for more testing over a long period with large groups of volunteers in a controlled situation so as to establish some sort of scientific opinion on this.

Astral Travel Theories
Some people say we are always out.
That the feeling is in fact that we become aware of the fact. That in fact nothing leaves the body because we are having the experience on a continual situation. This theory however offers no explanation as to the feeling of leaving or returning. Some people think that astral projection is Lucid Dreaming. However when you examine the evidence from EEG readings it tends to indicate there is a clear difference. Some people feel that Astral Travel is just an Hallucination. Physiologically the two are very similar. Both have a sense of realness. Both have heightened sense of vision of vision and hearing. There is one major difference though. A person who has experienced both Astral travel and a hallucination can easily distinguish between the two. Some people say that Astral travel is just a Psychosis of some kind. This is a very negative approach and in fact insulting. It also does not stand up to close inspection.

Getting Back In After Astral travel
Getting back in after Astral Travel is really as simple as just Willing yourself back in. Also you will find that any occurrence such as a strange noise, wind or light will take you straight back in. Sometimes while doing astral travel you may hear a loud bang, much like a very loud clap and this will force you back in in an instant. There is no evidence to suggest you will not be able to get back in, get taken over, not find your body or any other such thing. Getting back in is simple and straight forward. The main thing is to relax during astral travel, everything will just move smoothly if you relax.

Astral Duality
In some instances as a beginner in Astral Travel you may become a little confused. One of the main conditions is a state known as Astral Duality. This is a situation were you are out and can see your physical body and yet at the same time you are also aware of being in your physical body and seeing your astral body. Basically its like your consciousness being in both places at the same time. There are things you may do. You can turn away and stop looking at your physical body. Or you can simply just go back in. Its a common experience that sooner or later everyone will go through when they astral travel.

Multiple Astral Bodies
Sometimes when you are astral traveling you may become aware that there are more than one of you that is out. This is what is termed Multiple Astral Bodies. This situation is very rare and nothing to worry about. You will probably eventually come across this if you astral travel a lot It appears to be just an illusion and the seat of consciousness remains with you. Usually You will see just one more of you, but some people have reported seeing several of themselves while astral traveling.

Astral Paralysis
Sometimes when you are about to return to your physical body after astral travel you may get a feeling that your physical body is in some way paralyzed. This may cause you to panic but there is nothing to worry about. This paralysis is normal and very quickly disappears. This state of paralysis is known as a Catatonic State. Most people never experience this but others have it every time.

Astral Wind
Sometimes when you are astral traveling you may encounter a strange astral wind. It may appear very sudden and from nowhere. The Astral Wind may be fast and gushing. It may be a mild wind or it may blow strong. Sometimes the astral wind is very noisy and at other times it is silent. If you are in an enclosed room this may startle you. Do not worry as the wind will cause you no problems.

Astral Noise
Sometimes when you are astral traveling you may hear many strange noises. Sometimes these are very loud bangs, high pitched whistles or even sonic booms. Although it may disturb you the noises can do no harm. Sometimes the noises make you jump back into your body. People have often reported hearing a one note flute in a forest of wind. Some other people report never hearing any noises and seem to travel in silence.

Astral Faces
Sometimes beginners to astral travel may experience seeing faces of a demon type nature on the astral plane. This tends to scare a lot of people, some people may even chose never to astral travel again. But this is nothing to worry about. The best explanation is that it seems to be your own mind playing games with you. Once you realize this the faces will disappear. I'm not aware of anyone having had problems here with these astral faces they have seen, and all report that they eventually drop off never to be seen again. 


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