Feng Shui for Love

For love to blossom in your life, you must activate the southwest corner of your home, the universal corner of romance.

In using Feng Shui for romance, the bedroom needs to be romantic, with soft furnishings, colours and pictures. 

The Peony flower plays a very important part in Chinese Feng Shui and you should have some in your bedroom. 

Use yellow, white and red lights to brighten up the southwest corners of your house to attract the energy of romance. 

Place natural quartz crystals in the southwest corner. 

Create a balance between the yang chi of the masculine and the yin chi of the feminine. 

A toilet in the southwest corner can be very negative on your love life. 

Hang a five rod wind chime above the toilet. 

Enhancing love Feng Shui increases love opportunities, but finding a perfect match depends on your karma. 

If there is exposed beams in the southwest corner, hang tiny wind chimes to soften the killing chi of the edges. 
Water in the southeast tends to cause arguments. 

Jasper in the southwest corner activates romance luck. 

Hanging a painting of high mountains in the southwest corner creates powerful chi of the big Earth. 

To kick start romance paint one wall in the southwest corner white, yellow or red. 

Crystal chandelier in the southwest corner will energize this corner for love. 

On a window in the southwest corner hang a faceted crystal ball to capture the sunlight and create chi rainbows. 

Place a crystal heart inside a velvet pouch and place inside a night table to enhance feelings of love between you and your partner. 

To have steady growth in the marriage, colour and objects must never be overly masculine or feminine. 

Balance the chi by painting the bedroom with dark restful yin hues and the dining areas with bright yang colours. 

In order to create smooth love chi between the partners, place red love knots on pictures of you together. 

Never give roses with thorns, remove the thorns first. 

Yellow flowers are for those seeking a serious relationship, and white flowers are good for mature people in love. 

A pair of mandarin ducks placed in the bedroom symbolizes the happiness of lovers.

Keep water features, water bowls and aquariums out of the bedroom as they can lead to loss. 

Never place plants with thorns in the southwest corner. 

If a mirror directly reflects the bed it can attract unwanted outside third parties. 

Never sleep with the feet facing the door as this can simulate the death position. 


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