Beltane Garland

Items Needed:
Sprigs of greenery (rosemary, myrtle, bay leaves etc)
Variety of fresh or dried flowers
Ribbons, beads, crystals etc (optional)
Floral wire
Wire cutters
Hot Glue Gun

Depending on the weight of your garland will decide the gauge of wire required i.e. evergreens will need a thinker wire to support its weight. Myrtle for May is very appropriate and it is lightweight. Fresh flowers can be kept alive with regular spritzing or floral water tubes.
Assemble your flowers by wrapping the stems tightly together with floral wire. Make as many as you desire to be scattered around the garland.

Wire flower clumps to sprigs of greenery either on the main stem or to other stem parts.
Now use a continuous wire, unwinding the spool as you work. Start overlapping one sprig onto another and wire together on the thickest stem parts. Try to cover the wire wrap with greenery. Continue to wire together until the size you want
Now add the ribbons, bells, beads, baubles, crystals etc
Now string the garland over the doorway or where ever you want it to go


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