Beltane Wreath

Items needed:
Grapevine wreath
Variety of flowers
Greenery (ivy, rosemary, moss, myrtle etc)
Ribbons, raffia, beads, crystals (optional)
Figurine to set into wreath (optional)
Hot Glue gun 

All of the Greenery goes on first. Weave, wrap, or tuck into the grapevine. Glue it in places if necessary. Use fresh or dried. Moss will tuck into the grapevine easily.
Place a variety of different flowers loosely around the greenery to arrange them before gluing them into place.
After all the flowers are in place, you can add your ribbons, and raffia, beads or crystals.... what ever you would like. Place your figurine in if desired. And there you have your May Wreath complete with May Doll


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