Feng Shui in the home

Feng Shui in your home is important and provides a positive flow right around your life. Here are some useful ideas for you to use around your home.

Avoid loss of Chi by placing a screen against the entrance.

The bedroom door should not face the kitchen or toilet.

The bed should not face the door.

Always have a good space between the bed and the window.

The front door should not directly face a staircase.

Place a screen in front of the staircase.

The front door should not face the toilet.

Leave a good distance between the sink and cooker.

Do not have the door to outside facing directly towards the kitchen.

The cooker should not face directly towards the door.

The cooker should not be placed against the sink.

A Winding drive, circular drive and a generous drive is favourable. 

Feng Shui Remedies
Adding Feng Shui Remedies to an area can improve the flow of Chi and remove any problems. 
There are eight remedies.

This remedy includes lighting, mirrors and reflective surfaces. Mirrors are the most popular. The Chinese make great use of lights in their garden area.

The best here is wind chimes, bells, metal mobiles and bamboo tubes. Wind chimes work by disturbing stagnant Chi through the swirls and eddies of sound in the air. Harmonious sounds also attract lucky Chi.

Colour, especially red and black can be used to stimulate the flow of Chi.

Any living object be it plant or animal may be used. Plants are usually used for sharp corners or to fill areas without Chi. Fish are considered living symbols of wealth. This is why aquariums are close to the cash register in Chinese restaurants.

Flags, ribbons, silk banners, fountains wind chimes and weather vanes are the best here. They should however be made of natural materials.

This is for when Chi is flowing too fast. Statues or large rocks are effective.

Mechanical and Electrical
Traditionally this remedy meant machinery. These days it is extended to include electrical equipment. Electrical equipment stimulates Chi but sometimes too much.

Straight Lines
It is best here to use scrolls, swords, flutes, bamboo tubes and fans. 

Methods to Enhance Chi
There are numerous Methods To Enhance Chi. 

Pot plants enhance and energize the element of wood. Place them in the corner of your living room or dining room but not in the bedroom or kitchen. 

Candles energize the element of fire. Very favourable to balance an odd shaped room. 

Crystals energize the earth element. Hang a crystal in your window for good fortune. 

Fish bowls energize the element of water. Useful in attracting wealth and prosperity. 

Mirrors are used to deflect sha. Place the mirror facing excessive noise. 

Building or buying a home : A site facing water is life giving. 
Next to a mountain or hill helps to promote chi. 
In the northern hemisphere you should take advantage of the southerly aspect.

Feng Shui For Doors
Feng Shui For Doors provides positive feng shui around the home. 
Doors should open opposite each other. 
Doors should not be offset. If doors are offset use a mirror remedy. 
You should position the furniture as far away from opening doors as is possible. 
Doors should open and close easily. 
Doors should be in proportion to the room size. 
If the door is too large it will allow the Chi to escape too fast. 
If the doors are too small it restricts the Chi access.

Feng Shui for Windows
Windows should open outwards. 
Octagonal and arched windows are good feng shui. 
If windows open inwards you will need to establish the type of chi being let in. 
Opening inwards to the West may be a problem, so take action by blocking excess sha chi with an outward facing mirror or a plant on a windowsill.

Feng Shui For Desks
Feng Shui For Desks will help create a happier work environment.
Never sit with your back to the door. If there is more then one door you need to position your desk so you can see all doors. 
Do not sit with your back to a west facing window. 
To attract fame and fortune have the desk facing south, south-east. 
If you overlay the Pa Kwwa onto your desk then where you sit at the front should be regarded as your fame enrichment. To the left is your health area. Keep your out-tray here. To the right is your wealth enrichment so keep your in-tray here. The right hand edge is your education so keep reference books here. The left hand edge is where you should place your coffee.

Feng Shui For Curtains
Feng Shui For Curtains is an important aspect of any house. 
During daytime curtains should be pulled back. 
However at night keep all curtains closed. 
It is very bad luck to have an exposed window looking into the black night. 
Blinds should only be of natural material such as wood. 
Chi filtering through blinds will take on the resonance of the blind colour. 
Curtains that hang limply each side of a window are bad feng shui. 
Curtains should have a little curve to them. 
Curtains should rich to the floor. 
When the curtains are drawn together there should be masses of fabric hanging in pleats and folds. 
Curtains should be kept clean. 
Curtains should also match the seasons. Heavy fabrics for winter and lighter fabrics for summer. 
Plastic rings are bad feng shui. Always use natural products. 
Curtains should also open and close easily.

Feng Shui For The Front Door
Feng Shui For The Front Door is a good starting point in developing positive Feng Shui for the house. 
The front door should be in proportion to the house. If it is too large then too much Chi escapes every time the door is opened. To prevent this hang a wind chime to reflect the Chi back into the house. 
The front door should not face a lamp post or tree. 
The front door should not face the direction of the driveway. 
The interior of the front door should not face the back door. 
If the front door is too small you should hang mirrors either side of it.

Feng Shui For The Staircase
It is simple to increase Feng Shui For The Staircase. Chi flows both up and down a staircase. If the stairs are too close to the front door then the Chi will flow straight out. The flow of Chi can be broken by using a well positioned plant or wind chime. 
Stairs with bends help the Chi flow smoothly. However too sharp a bend will will block the Chi. 
Place a round mirror at the bend in the stairs. 
Good Feng Shui for the Staircase promotes the flow of good feng shui around your home.

Feng Shui For The Bathroom
It is always difficult to create good Feng Shui For The Bathroom. 
A toilet with its sit left up will allow Chi to drain away. Therefore it is important to keep the lid closed. 
Try to make sure the bathroom is not in your Wang Tsai area which covers prosperity and wealth. 
The bathroom door should be closed as much as possible. 
Hang a mirror on the bathroom door facing outwards. 
If there is no window in the toilet hang a mirror above the toilet.

Living Room Feng Shui
Feng Shui For The Living Room is important in creating a good environment for guests. 
If your dining or kitchen area opens off the living room you will need to screen these off with a plant covered trellis or something.
Furniture should be arranged so the honoured guest faces the door. 
Be aware of corners or alcoves which are dead areas for the flow of Chi. 
Use colour and light to lift these areas. You may also place a pot plant with round leaves there. 
The layout of seating is very important. Preferably seating should be arranged in a circle or octagon. 
The living room should not be cluttered with furniture. 
A large mirror in the room will help create the feeling of space. 
Avoid giving the television a place of importance in the room. The television should be enclosed in a cabinet. 
The room should be warm and cosy with pictures and ornaments.

Feng Shui For The Dining Room
Feng Shui For The Dining Room is important in maintaining a happy eating environment. The honoured guest position should face the door. 
The door should not open too close to any chairs. 
Preferably the table should incorporate the octagonal Pa Kwa shape. 
Make sure there is plenty of room to walk around the table. 
Mirrors will make the room feel larger. 
Don't locate the dining room in sight of the front door.

Feng Shui For The Bedroom
Feng Shui For The Bedroom will help create a happy relationship. 
Use strategic mirror placement in the bedroom to reflect pleasant views into the room. 
Avoid positioning your bed with the foot facing the door. 
You should also avoid having mirrors facing the bed. 
It is best to position the bed in the corner of an octagonal arrangement. 
It is good to use a bedroom which also faces in the direction of your personal element.

Fire : south or south-west.
Water : north.
Wood : east or north east.
Metal : west or north west.
Earth : south west.

Feng Shui For The Kitchen
Getting good Feng Shui For The Kitchen can be difficult. 
Have many mirrors in the kitchen so you can see people from all parts of the kitchen. 
The kitchen is a very yang area and eating there is not desirable.

Mirror Feng Shui
Mirror Feng Shui for the home is an easy and popular way to develop good Feng Shui.
Keep mirrors clean and bright.
If your using the mirror to look into then it needs to be at head height.
Mirrors used as remedies should be small and discreet.
Its better still to use the Pa Kwa mirrors which have the eight triagrams on them.
When deflecting Sha mirrors should be placed so they reflect outwards.
To channel Chi inside the house you must make sure they are angled properly.
Avoid mirrors that have pictures engraved or printed on them.
Oval mirrors are best.
Make sure to have a large mirror angled on a wall so it reflects a view into the room when your sitting in your favourite chair or lying in bed.


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