Feng Shui for working enviroment

The best location for your office or shop for good Feng Shui is on a corner.
The entrance to your reception area should cut diagonally across your corner.
Be careful of stairs and escalators directly facing the entrance that will allow Chi to flow out.
Be also careful of tall buildings to the west that will cause unpredictable tiger Chi and may cause your business to fail.
Tall buildings to the north are good.
The reception area should have plenty of space.
Plants with rounded leaves attract customers.
Closed businesses and derelict buildings close by are bad Feng Shui.
A business in a dead end road will suffer from stagnant Chi.
Roads pointing directly at a business are not good as they accelerate Chi.
The best site is where two or three roads intersect and you have the corner position.
Keep the cash register and financial transactions in the wealth enrichment area.
Use lots of red colour in this area.
If several people share an office the desks should be arranged so that they form an octagon.
No seating in the office should put people with their back to one another.
Any sharp corners should be rounded off with round leaf plants.


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