Maypole centerpiece

You will need:
18" wooden dowel
6 - 9" diameter flat round plaque
Small grapevine wreath decorated on each side
1 yard each of red and white ribbon
Drill and ¼ inch drill bit
1 x 1¼" flathead screw (you will need to adjust length in accordance to thickness of plaque to enable dowel to be fixed securely to plaque)
Hot glue gun 

Drill pilot holes through plaque and ½" deep into dowel.
Cross the ribbons and attach them to the top of the dowel with the hot glue.
Attach the dowel to the plaque by screwing through the bottom of the plaque and into the dowel.
Glue the wreath to the top of the ribbons on the dowel
Braid the ribbon, one colour going left and the other right. Braid about 2" down and glue into place.
If you wish you can add a small figurine or bird into the wreath


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