Old Herbal Names for Wiccan Herbs

Below you will find a few 'Old Herbal' names, the Craft name comes first,
followed by the common name for that herb/flower/root.

Blood - Sap of Elder Tree
Bloody Fingers- Foxglove
Candlemas Maiden - Snowdrop
Candlewick Plant - Mullein
Crown for a King - Wormwood
Dew of the Sea - Rosemary
Dragonwort - Bistort
Earth Smoke - Fumitory
Elfwort - Eclampane
Enchanter's Plant - Vervain
Eye of the Star - Horehound
Five Finger Grass - Cinquefoil
Joy of the Mountain - Marjoram
Lad's Love - Southernwood
Little Dragon - Tarragon
Love in Idleness - Pansy
Love Parsley - Lovage
Loveroot - Orris
Maiden's Ruin - Southernwood
Master of the Woods - Woodruff
Masterwort - Angelica
May Lily - Lily of the valley
Mistress of the Night - Tuberose Password - Primrose
Queen of Meadow - Meadowsweet
Ram's Head - American Valerian
Seven Year's Love - Yarrow
Sleepwort - Lettuce
Sorcerer's Violet - Periwinkle
Star of the Earth - Avens
Starflower - Borage
Starweed - Chickweed
Starwort - Aster
Thousand Seal - Yarrow
Thunder Plant - Houseleek
Unicorn Horn - True Unicorn Root
Witch Herb - Mugwort
Witches Asprin - White Willow Bark
Witches Bells - Foxglove
Witches Briar - Briar Hip
Witchgrass - Dog Grass
Witchwood - Rowan


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