How to make a herbal bath bag

It is very simple to make a herbal bag you can use Muslim or cheesecloth cut a large square and place your herbs in the middle then simply bring the corners up and tie in the middle.

Or you can 'cheat' like me!! Actually I prefer this way much better as I find the bag dries much quicker and it doesn't stain from the colours in the herbs and looks much better in your bathroom.
I have a lot of pretty organza bags similar to the picture below

I fill my bag with herbs I want to use for that particular bath ritual and tie the little ribbons and throw it in the bath! Once I have finished my bath I squeeze gently to allow as much water out as possible and then place it on the side of the bath to dry. It is ready for my next bath and I find I can use it around three times before emptying the old herbs out and reusing the bag after a little wash in mild soapy water.
These bags come in a variety of colours so you are sure to find a colour to compliment your bathroom if you wanted to do that.


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