Door handle sachets and bags

Door handle sachets add a sweet, old fashioned touch throughout the home. They
can magically charge the entrance to each room.

A Protective Sachet may be hung on every door entering the house: make a small bag, about 3 x 5 inches, tie with a loop that will allow it to hang from the door knob. You may get fancy or as simple as you wish with it, you may also make it to match the decor of your home.

Next, fill it with Bay leaves  which is wonderful protection herb , Angelica which is another powerful protection powdered Clove is helpful to ward against illness entering the home and also acts as a catalyst to the other herbs, Benzoin is a "power herb" that helps to focus the other herbs. Borage helps to uncover any dishonest intentions and St. Johnswort which will help reverse any negativity and also aids in quelling arguments and animosity. Moisten with Gardenia oil for peace and harmony. 

You can also buy some beautiful organza bags and add fragrant lavender inside and add drop or two of lavender essential oil and hang them around your bed or from your door handle
You can of course using corresponding herbs and different coloured organza bags for the different Sabbats during the year. The choice is yours really as to which herbs you would like to place in your bag, for more information on different herbs take a look on my section of herbs for full information and uses and also corresponding herbs for the different Sabbats.

Organza bags are so readily available and come in a wonderful variety of colours personally I feel you can never have too many!


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