Making a Samhain wreath

"Wreaths of bounty" symbolize giving thanks for a prosperous year and invite others less fortunate to share in the good harvest. 

You will need:
✓ Newspaper
✓ pine cones, seeds, leaves, nuts and berry bunches
✓ Cardboard
✓ Florist wire 

Cut out a 15" wreath from the cardboard.

Head off on a Nature hike. Respectfully, collect items from nature, such as pine cones, seeds, leaves, berry bunches, acorns and caps and flowers. Once home...and if your kids are like mine, after you've had a snack, dump your treasures out on the newspapers.
Together, plan your wreath, choosing which objects go where on the cardboard background. Wrap the wire around each object. Poke two small holes in the cardboard ring, feed the wire through and twist in back. Younger kids can help by handing you the pieces.
Fasten objects onto the ring until no cardboard shows. Hang the wreath on the front door.


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