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The bell is an incredibly ancient ritual tool. When being struck, the bell produces vibrations that are filled with power in accordance to the bell’s fullness, tone and material.
Bells of all sizes are being used across the world, the bell of Notre Dame in France for example. Over the years, people have been singing songs and carols with these instruments, which is in part the reason for the bell’s association with winter holidays.

A bell is a female symbol and often used in rituals to invite the Goddess. The chimes of the bell are used to reflect negative spells and evil spirits and encourage good energy. When not in use, you can keep the bell inside of a cabinet or hang it on a door to guard your home, or simply place it on your altar for future use. The element associated with the bell is Air.
During rituals, there is a meaning to the number of times the bell is struck: 

1 – a new beginning
2 – the number of the God, unity
3 – the number of the Goddess, creativity
4 – grounding and balance
5 – inspiration
6 – harmony
7 – acquire wisdom
8 – achievement
9 – transition to a new level


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