Dream Colours

Colours like everything else in your dreams are there to heal you, to guide you as an expression of your reaction to the subject matter of your dream.
Perfection Meaning: Hope, faith, purity, perfection, confidence, enlightenment. When mixed or associated with other colors it purifies and refines the meaning of that color. White alone can indicate a proud, rigid, judgmental immaturity – a should be, controlling attitude. Soft or pearl white can indicate the gift of prophecy.

Fear Meaning: Negativity, i.e. fear, anxiety, hatred, resentment, guilt, depression (no hope / faith). When mixed or associated with other colors it adulterates their meaning e.g. darker shades of red, blue yellow, etc. Black and White indicates intolerance, simplistic extremism – If something is not good it must be evil.

Passion Meaning: Joy, sexuality, aggression, animal passion, fun. The shade of red is important Scarlet: lust Maroon: frigidity Red and black: anger Red and white: need for joy and hope – especially if worn or brought by a healing agent.

Drive and Ambition Sacral Meaning: Drive, ambition, (mix of yellow and red). Energizing color, especially in career dreams. Orange and Black: Career. Also used to heal the digestive/elimination system.

Intellect Solar Plexus Meaning: Mental activity, intellect. Ability to rationalize. If brought by healing agent it means the dreamer has difficulty rationalizing. Muddy or mustard yellow has the same meaning. If a guide wears or brings pure bright yellow, i.e. Yellow (intellect) plus White (Enlightenment) then dreamer has an intuitive or enlightened intellect. Yellow may represent dreamers usual reaction to the subject matter.

Sharing and Balance Heart Meaning: Adaptability, reconciliation, Need for healing, harmony, balance, reconciliation (within self or self with others). Dark green, battle dress green or green and black represent difficulties with sharing (jealousy, rivalry). Need to balance male and female aspects. Look for trouble with the heart. Balance and healing for the heart, circulatory systems and emotions by becoming more giving, generous and emotionally open. If the green is worn or brought by guide (esp. if pink or peach also appears) then the dreamer has counseling skills. Also indicated by Books, Newspapers, Library.

Unconditional Love Heart Meaning: Love (mix of red and white), need or unconditional love, usually mother love or love for mother. This usually means that the dreamer did not bond with mother or mother did not give unconditional love at birth.

Philosophy Throat Meaning: Spirituality, religion, art, culture, philosophy, attitude to life itself. Dark blue (blue + black): Negative philosophy of life. e.g. superstition or fearful form of religion. When fear (black) is mixed with blue (fear pollutes attitude to life). Light Blue (blue + white): Hope / faith. Healing agents will often appear wearing this color. If a guide appears wearing blue and silver or gold then you are expected to regard intuition (silver) or healing (gold) as spiritual.

Spiritual Leader and Teacher Crown Meaning: Nobility of purpose, spiritual leadership, spiritual teaching, regal, power, authority in spiritual matters e.g. bishops wear purple. The shade of purple is important Mauve: endurance Lilac: responsibility Indigo: clairvoyance (Brow Chakra)

Empathy If guide wears or brings peach or pink and green it means that the dreamer has the potential to be a counsellor (having empathy and harmony).

Acceptance Meaning: Acceptance, tolerance, a growing maturity or a need for tolerance.

Uncommitted Meaning: Uncommitted, uncertain – grey area. Mental denial of emotion, depression.

Practicality Meaning: Earthy, practical, of the earth. Dark or dull brown: unenlightened or depressing earthiness of denial of spirit, negative materiality.

Intuition Indicates that the dreamer has the Spiritual Gift of Intuition.

Spiritual Healing Indicates that the dreamer has a Spiritual Healing gift.


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