Animal Spirit Guides

Raven carries magick from the dark void of the Crone (dark mother) to our realm.
This void is where great knowledge awaits us. Thus, Raven has a great
responsibility to the spirit realm. Those who have Raven medicine will also feel
this responsibility and will tend to be those who share deeper knowledge –
spiritual teachers, healers, priests, doctors, prophets.

Raven comes when you ask for love, light and healing. When Raven brings his
medicine to you, he gives you a heightened awareness, sharper perception and an
expanded consciousness. With this new perception, you can look into the heart
and soul of people, begin feeling what they feel. This strong empathy can be a

With this refined perception comes a responsibility to use the Raven medicine
wisely. Once could abuse it, using it for selfish, nefarious purposes. This is
not the way to go. Use the clarity and understanding that Raven gives you for
good purposes. That is why Raven comes to you when you need night the most. He
does not want you to turn to the darkness because it will eventually destroy
you. As long as you use Raven’s powerful medicine for the good of others, life
will continue to flow smoothly for you as well.

Hawk carries a message in his shrill cry which only those with Hawk medicine can
decipher. His piercing shriek slices through the shroud of unknowing, asking you
to seek the truth. His cry represents illumination in the darkness of ignorance.

Hawk will not let your talents and skills go to waste, instead he will scope
out the situation to make sure you use as much of your talents as possible. Hawk
can solve a problem by flying above the situation. He removes himself from it,
observing it only as a passive viewer. This allows Hawk to see the big picture.
Hawk’s broad vision allows you to see the past, present and future all laid out
before you.

Once you are aware of the opportunities in front of you, Hawk will
help you to wisely choose your moves to make the best of your potential.

Bear is the keeper of the dreamtime. He stores your dream knowledge so tht you
may learn from it when you awaken.

Bear thinks his actions through very carefully. He is to quick to judge, but
rather thinks deeply about his decisions. When you ask Bear a question or ask
for an opinion, you can be sure that he will reply with an informed, well
thought out answer.

Bear is usually nourishing and gentle, but has quick reflexes and will readily
fight if necessary with brute strength and speed.

Bear loves to get his paws into sweet things but even more importantly, Bear
lives to feel comfortable and warm. Other people feel cosy with Bear. Bear
people are often sleepy and tend to “hibernate” more than others.

Wolf is a teacher and pathfinder. He comes to you when you need guidance and
once you accept his medicine, you will move on to be a teacher to others about
sacredness and spirituality. Wolf can solve other people’s problems easily,
finding solutions in difficult situations. He communicates through subtle
gestures and expressions. A simple glance can be worth a million words.

Would people are social and have a good sense of family values and togetherness.
They are friendly and intelligent. They are also loyal to their mate and highly
protective of family and close friends.

Dolphin warns mankind of the danger that nears as we ignore the balance of our
delicate ecosystem.

Dolphin teaches man how controlling our breathing can release emotions and help
us reach altered states of consciousness. If you are able to breathe in rhythm
with Dolphin, he will take you to all the places that existed before man walked
the earth, before the seas covered the land, during our primordial beginnings.
Dolphin also teaches how inner sound, along with breathing, can allow you to
enter the waters of life to seek your desires.

Dolphin’s lesson is to move with the flow of life. Go the direction life carries you and you will avoid great
obstacles. He encourages you to dive deep into the waters of life, don’t forget
to enjoy life, and always remember to breathe.

Snake medicine is rare and is most often presented to the person using the
approach of fear. A person with Snake medicine will find that they are fearful
of this Shadow Animal most of their lives. But after surviving many venomous
snake attacks, they conquer their fear and are opened to the world of Snake’s

Snake comes to you at a time when you are heading for change. You are ready to
explore the mysterious, voyage where you have never gone before, whether in the
physical world or in the depths of the mind and soul. People with Snake medicine
know the power of renewal. Snake sheds his skin leaving it behind and slithering
away completely renewed. Snake people can do the same, shedding their dull
layers to reveal a brilliant new self underneath.

Snake people are also creative and have strong psychic intuitive powers. Snake
represents the silver cord that connects the physical body to the astral body,
so Snake people may also be especially adept in astral travel.

The snake is a symbol of Goddess energy and he will protect you from religious

Horse is a beautiful, powerful, proud creature who has taken many forms in
mythology. Pegasus, Unicorn, Centaur, and many other creatures in mythology are
brothers to Horse. Horse is a magickal creature who can see into man’s soul.

Horse shows his devotion in his willingness to carry man on his back, giving him
a freedom of  movement and travel that no other animal can provide.

The lesson Horse brings to man is that there is strength in numbers. He teaches
that cooperation, collaboration, and the ties of friendship equal power. Horse
shows us that when we can synchronize our motive with the motives of others, we
have the power to do anything and reach any goal.

A Horse person has a wild spirit that cannot be broken. Horse loves freedom, but
also is unquestioning and faithful to his master. A warrior lies inside those
with Horse medicine. This warrior spirit keeps you safe in your travels and
fills you with stamina.

Butterfly is a magical animal. She represents change more so then any other
power animal. She was a symbol of the soul in earlier times. The Greek work
“psyche” meant both “soul” and “butterfly”. It was believed that when a person
died, their soul became a butterfly.

A butterfly person loves to dance. The dance of Butterfly is full of bliss, joy
and power.

Butterfly will come to you at a point in your life when you are undergoing a
change which requires courage. You are coming out of your cocoon, and that takes
a lot of bravery, going to face something you have never faced before. When
Butterfly comes to you, examine what changes you are going through. Butterfly
gives you the chance to make your transformation a beautiful experience. Once
transformation is complete, your possibilities will have greatly expanded.
Nothing can stop you as long as you use your wonderful new wings and fly.

Crows are the keepers of the Sacred Law and to have a Crow totem is very powerful.
The Crow is an omen of Change. The Crow lives in the void and has no sense of time, therefore, it sees past, present and future simultaneously. The Crow merges both light and dark, both inner and outer. It is the totem of the Great Spirit and must be respected as such. They are symbols of creation and spiritual strength. Look for opportunities to create and manifest the magic of life. Crows are messengers calling to us about the creation and magic that is alive in the world today and available to us.

You know a crow is your power animal if you are very resourceful, effective in using whatever is available to you to get what you want or need. You are sociable but would rather spend your time with close friends and family. You view the spiritual and physical world as illusory and are therefore able to shift reality to suit you. You let yourself be guided more by the voice of spirits to be guided by your personal integrity rather than by human-laws. You speak up willingly whenever you feel that something is out of sorts or balance with spiritual law.

If a crow shows up you are on the verge of manifesting something you have been working on for a while. You need to be very watchful in the next few days for any omens or signs that will teach and guide you….expecting a big change soon! You have noticed something that seems out of balance or an injustice that has not been addressed and it is time to speak up about it. You are soon to take glimpse into a future event that directly affects you. Call upon the Crow if you feel as if someone is trying to con or trick you but you are unsure. If you are faced with some significant change and need help and guidance. A strong surge of creative feelings are happening and you need support in developing them. You are receiving guidance in the form of signs and omens but aren’t’ sure of the meaning of them. Call upon the Crow if you are going down a treacherous path (relationships…projects..) and want advance warning of any pitfalls.


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