Feng Shui for the garden

Feng Shui For Trees
Promoting good Feng Shui for Trees can be a slow process.
Don't have trees that need radical pruning because anything that needs lopping off at the top will bring misfortune. Never plant a tree directly in front of your door as it blocks the arriving Chi.
If you don't live in a mountainous region you should avoid pines and conifers.
Ideal trees are maples, willows and magnolias.
Be wary of any trees too large in the west of your house.
Try to avoid changing the natural shape of a tree. 

Feng Shui for the Garden
The main principles for good Feng Shui for the garden is curves and proportion.
Think of your house as the Yin aspect and your garden as the Yang aspect.
Yang is about light and space.
It is important to incorporate the five elements into your garden.
A pond or pool of water.
A sun dial or bronze statue for metal.
Trees and shrub for wood.
Plenty of red and orange colour for fire.
Earth for earth. 

If your garden is overlooked by an unpleasant view use the mirror remedy.
The best shapes for your garden are octagon and circle.
Circular ponds are preferable.
You may also want to light up darkened areas in your garden.
Use light as a remedy in the south and in your fame enrichment.
Use sound as a remedy in the north west and in your friends enrichment.
Red is popular in the garden as it stimulates the flow of Chi.
Use colour as a remedy in the north east and in your children enrichment.
Use life as a remedy in the south east and in your wealth enrichment.
It is good to plant something delicate in your garden that moves in the slightest breeze.
The path to the front of the house is considered very important.
A horseshoe shaped drive or entrance allows the Chi to arrive gently and be channeled away when depleted. 

Feng Shui For Garden Furniture
Feng Shui For Garden Furniture creates positive chi around the garden.
You need to consider which enrichment area you want to put a seat in.
When choosing a seat you need to think about the shape of the seat and any patterns it incorporates.
A wrought iron chair with a round seat and round back decorated with a pattern of curving shapes is ideal.
Statues and ornaments are good where you need to introduce a remedy.
Statues are also very good where you need a stillness remedy.
Stillness remedies are better placed in the west. 

Water Feng Shui
Water Feng Shui is a good way to freshen Chi.
Moving water in the garden is good Feng Shui.
It refreshes the Chi and soothes the nerves.
Putting goldfish in your garden pond will encourage wealth.
Make sure to keep the pond clean and never let it stagnate.
Pond furniture should only be of natural material.
Pools of water that empty into each other are very good.
Water is one feature that can be used to provide any one of the eight remedies.
Make sure Your pond is circular in design. 
Never place water features on the right side of the main door as this can lead to infidelity.


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